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Rocking robin

July 8, 2016 Nest building material has been cleaned off my front porch every other day. A robin determined to have her young keeps coming back. It would appear to me that this is my first in 81 years. more »»

Heaven help us!

July 8, 2016 Heaven help us! Did we just not mourn the terrorist attack in Orlando? Who could not help but feel the pain on all he mothers’ faces. more »»

Doggy Doo

July 8, 2016 While in Wildwood, N.J., I observed something that impressed me. A blind man was being guided through a gravel surfaced parking lot by his service dog. more »»

Think about it

July 7, 2016 I always thought that telling the truth and doing hard and cooperative work with your own people are very good virtues to possess. more »»

In response

July 7, 2016 As I write this, I’m very positive that many others will agree with m. more »»


July 6, 2016 We have finally arrived in the United States where nothing we say is right, where nothing we hear is true, where whatever we think is not politically correct. more »»

Parallel beliefs

July 6, 2016 Analyses’ printed in the New York Times and elsewhere of the reasons voters chose Brexit, or Britain leaving the European Union, is interesting. more »»

Equal information

July 6, 2016 With all the efforts of Democrats wanting to pass anti-gun laws, that bad guys simply will not obey, I have a suggestion that could possibly curb another mass shootin. more »»

Temper tantrum

July 5, 2016 President Obama's bunch is trying for more gun control. He already showed us that when the government control the guns they give or sell them to the Mexican drug cartel. more »»

Gardening lessons

July 5, 2016 I was out in the yard today tending to my tomato plants and Cajun bell peppers while listening to Sean Hannity on Fox News Radio. more »»

Possible future headline

July 5, 2016 A possible future headline: PA first to ban sales of filtered cigarettes" State legislator(s) who introduced bill cited pollution and health concerns. more »»

It’s amazing

July 4, 2016 In this great country of ours it is truly amazing that out of all our intellectual and truthful outstanding people we have whittled the choice for our president down to these two. more »»

Choose wisely

July 4, 2016 Last week the people of Great Britain had their Donald Trump moment and they chose poorly. Many voters saw this as a protest vote against the status quo. more »»


July 3, 2016 This letter is for all the seniors you think should die and get off Social Security. You first, OK? Shame on you, Al Sever. more »»

Boys to men

July 3, 2016 After reading the article in the Sun-Gazette regarding the dismissal of Coach Finn, I felt compelled to want to do something as something didn’t sit so well with me. more »»

Can’t understand it

July 3, 2016 I can’t understand the purpose of our newspapers printing articles concerning violent murders that stem from growing marijuana and operating crack houses and dealing drugs and indulging in alcohol,... more »»


July 3, 2016 For years, conservative Republicans have proclaimed that they stood steadfastly on the unchangeable values of limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense. more »»

A turnoff

July 3, 2016 The city wonders why not many people shop downtown. A friend received a parking ticket early May when a meter ran out. It was her own fault. more »»

Our foundation

July 3, 2016 As we celebrate the Fourth of July we should realize that the Declaration of Independence could not have been written in any other transcendent world view other than that of the Judeo/Christian worl... more »»


July 3, 2016 this election? Tim Mannello is a good writer; no one can argue with that. He took his creativity to new heights with last Sunday's column, "Teachers' conference with Donald's parents. more »»



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