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Ukraine right to bear arms exhibit

March 1, 2014 What's going on in the Ukraine is an example of why civilians need the right to bear arms. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing. more »»

Consider Somalia

March 1, 2014 All the Tea Party aficionados who are constantly whining and complaining about liberals, democrats, president Obama, taxation, health care, the federal government and it’s various departments, etc,... more »»

War on poverty has failed

March 1, 2014 President Kennedy initiated the war on poverty and President Johnson signed it into law 50 years ago. more »»

We are not all losers!

March 1, 2014 An interesting article indicates the number of people in each county who make more than a million dollars per year. Lycoming County has 53 people who average $2. more »»

Dust to dust

February 28, 2014 Is the purpose of church to worship or make the scene? Many church people feel a sense of self-importance because of their degree, occupation, and/or social network. more »»

EMT alert

February 28, 2014 On a recent trip to Williamsport my husband and I were approached from behind by an ambulance/van with lights flashing and sirens blaring at a RED light. more »»

Informed letter

February 27, 2014 Thank you for printing Mr. William L. Emick's Letter, "Saving gun rights" today in your paper. As a retired federal agent, I fully support Mr. Emick and his letter. more »»


February 27, 2014 Well, I am sure that I can't be reprimanded by the Watsontown Borough Council or suspended by the Mayor, and that being said, what the Hell is going on in this town? I think the whole thing is a... more »»

The only pension solution

February 26, 2014 We keep seeing various articles and editorials regarding Pennsylvania's two main pension systems; SERS and PSERS. more »»

Stop the madness

February 26, 2014 A comment on your recent articular on the president and him signing of a law to lift the federal debt limit: I would like to know what we did 30 years ago with the money issue in the United States. more »»

Snow removal need

February 25, 2014 Regarding snow removal on streets of Williamsport and the adjoining boroughs following the recent spate of storms, I wonder whatever happened to the enforcement of the ordinance of odd-even parking... more »»

Global warming hypocrisy

February 25, 2014 Really? Global warming is the “most fearsome” destructive weapon? What about the thousands of innocent people killed by bombs, chemical weapons, guns, drones, etc? Flat earth society? Really? The... more »»

What might have been

February 25, 2014 This would of been a good year to go ice skating – if Jersey Shore would have set up the rink. more »»

State of the Union speech

February 24, 2014 My comment on the State of the Union message by President Barack Obama, 9 p.m., Jan. 28, 2014. By my estimate, the speech lasted about 76 minute. more »»

Snow and sidewalks

February 24, 2014 Well, it snowed on Monday, but on Tuesday when I walked on Southern Avenue, it was down right horrible. more »»

Give decision to doctors

February 24, 2014 Kevin Suitor, you mention about smoking medical marijuana. I am not sure if you realize that there are oils derived from cannabis that have helped tremendously with seizures from epileps. more »»

Loyalty and support

February 24, 2014 I had the belief if one supported his or her political party the reward would be that the party would support the candidate. Let us consider the vice president. more »»

FEMA extortion

February 23, 2014 I am absolutely amazed at the people that think the recent Biggert-Waters Act debacle is simply remedied by thousands of people simply moving away from any area that "may" flood. more »»

Look familiar?

February 23, 2014 Does any of this look familiar? There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist state..... 1. Healthcare. more »»

Lessons not taught

February 23, 2014 On the program “Breakpoint” by Eric Metaxas, he tells this account: In the year 1869, abortion was declared illegal in New York, but there were those who continued to run abortion facilities. more »»



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