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Give decision to doctors

February 24, 2014 Kevin Suitor, you mention about smoking medical marijuana. I am not sure if you realize that there are oils derived from cannabis that have helped tremendously with seizures from epileps. more »»

Loyalty and support

February 24, 2014 I had the belief if one supported his or her political party the reward would be that the party would support the candidate. Let us consider the vice president. more »»

FEMA extortion

February 23, 2014 I am absolutely amazed at the people that think the recent Biggert-Waters Act debacle is simply remedied by thousands of people simply moving away from any area that "may" flood. more »»

Look familiar?

February 23, 2014 Does any of this look familiar? There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist state..... 1. Healthcare. more »»

Lessons not taught

February 23, 2014 On the program “Breakpoint” by Eric Metaxas, he tells this account: In the year 1869, abortion was declared illegal in New York, but there were those who continued to run abortion facilities. more »»

The obvious solution

February 23, 2014 The FCFP manage the Tom Rider Trust for Rider Park. There is uncertainty on how the FCFP ended up with managing the Rider Park Trust because they are money managers, not land manager. more »»

Private school answers

February 23, 2014 For many years, the Nippenose Valley benefited from the presence of two elementary schools, St. John Neuman (parochial) and the Nippenose Valley Elementary School. S. more »»

Neighborhood watches

February 23, 2014 In references to an article about watches being on Face Book, Face Book is strictly a Social Media and when posting information on face book you have to be very careful because the Drug Dealers and... more »»

We can’t stop

February 23, 2014 Response to James Tutak on a letter I submitted, the word I should have used was courage. more »»

There is hope

February 23, 2014 I was reading a book by a great author, K.P. Yohannan titled “No Longer a Slumdog”, and I was struck first by an appalling feeling. Thank God, He quickly convicted me of my mistake. more »»

Wising up

February 22, 2014 I wish to reply to the letter by Deb Kuka. more »»


February 22, 2014 Coveting is considered one of the seven deadly sins and is forbidden by the Ten Commandments, yet that’s exactly what the class envy propagated by the modern left is. more »»


February 22, 2014 …To the countless folks who have pointed out I should have said” Grover Cleveland”, the president, rather than Grover Cleveland Alexander, the baseball player (it doesn’t get any more embarrassing... more »»

Shameful labeling

February 22, 2014 It's a shame that the Tea Party is labeled by some as a terrorist organization. They merely stand for the Constitution in which our country was built on. more »»

Tunnel vision

February 21, 2014 In New York State, it used to be if a driver was involved in a one car accident that the minimum charge would be: “Driving too fast for conditions”. Proof was the accident. 75 Pa. Cons. Sta. more »»

Geoengineering activities

February 21, 2014 I would like to inform the people about the geoengineering activities that are blocking the sun and dumping chemicals (barium, strontium, aluminum and radioactive substances). more »»

Marijuana sales

February 21, 2014 The legalization of marijuana has allowed the state of Colorado to expand its wild frontier. The federal government accepted the tax revenue created by entrepreneurs. more »»

Less is more

February 21, 2014 Recently, the Congressional Budget Office predicted ObamaCare will result in millions working less hours per week, as some people “voluntarily” reduce their hours to qualify for the ACA’s subsidies. more »»

Pesky facts

February 20, 2014 In the letter “History repeating?” the author correlates the increase in mass shootings in the US with an increase of gun ownershi. more »»

Dear governor

February 20, 2014 You know, I can’t seem to find the place in the state constitution where it says you can sell off the people’s land to the bidders of your choice. more »»



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