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The goofy left

April 25, 2016 If you want to know what’s wrong with liberals, listen to what they’re saying. John Kerry, Secretary of State, said we are winning the war against ISIS. more »»

ISIS is growing

April 25, 2016 Wake up America, ISIS is growing like weeds in the grass. Huge numbers of Muslims are radicalized and have declared Jihad on all religions except Islam. It’s genocide all over again. more »»

Better us

April 25, 2016 The world would be a better place if the U.S. had a body in the White House, not in name only like now. I believe the best way to straighten the U.S. more »»

A known terror

April 25, 2016 For months now the American public have been, by turns, amused, bemused and confused by both parties' rancorous attempts to come up with an electable presidential candidate. more »»

Nice letter

April 25, 2016 What a nice letter from the Stoner family had in the paper for Matthew. more »»

Right the wrongs

April 25, 2016 I told you last year watch out for the Hillary Clinton. Please open your eyes to all that Mrs. Clinton has done wrong and her husband got away with wrong while in offic. more »»

Don’t give them excuse

April 25, 2016 We were at a party the other night and this girl told us that Bernie Sanders said that anyone who carries a Social Security card is a card carrying socialist. more »»

Senior unfairness

April 24, 2016 For California, Pennsylvania and other areas that have or plan on increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, this is a $200-a-week raise, $800-a-month raise, or $10,000-a-year rais. more »»

Reclaiming America

April 24, 2016 Why are we experiencing the political climate we have today? Who is responsible for the greed, power, and corruption in our society? The baby boomers have held the white house for sixteen years. more »»

Worthy write-in

April 24, 2016 Democrats in Pennsylvania’s 10th District need to write-in Mike Molesevich for Representative in Congress during the Pennsylvania Primary on Tuesday, April 26, to get a Democrat on the November... more »»

A murderer among us?

April 24, 2016 Recently, an “Al Sever”, who claims to be a Vietnam vet, wrote that he was “having breakfast in Cambodia” not long ago when his memory was jogged back to the time he was supposedly ordered by Henry... more »»

Empty suits

April 24, 2016 Mr. Campana should feel quite at home adding 4 empty suits to an (understaffed) police force. more »»

County police?

April 23, 2016 During the past few weeks, there have been several articles regarding state police coverage to local municipalities that choose to not have a police force. more »»

A rigged nation?

April 23, 2016 Donald Trump keeps saying how the selection of candidates is rigged. more »»


April 23, 2016 I can remember cooking up a spoonful of chiba in my barren apartment anticipating the cosmic rush that would soon course through my veins. more »»

We must vote

April 22, 2016 In just a few days we will have the opportunity to voice ourselves in our respective primaries. I want to encourage every legal age voter to get out and vote. more »»

No shame

April 22, 2016 Depression is intense feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and helplessness that lasts for days or weeks and keeps you from functioning normally. more »»

What do you think?

April 22, 2016 The letter begins with "Signs of Stupidity" by Paul Goldsmith saying the world is 6000 years old and ending with the sentence “No wonder why people in our country are so stupid. more »»

Class warfare for all

April 22, 2016 Oh boy, ya! I can't wait! Bernie Sanders becomes president. more »»

Making gun sense

April 21, 2016 Gun laws, they do not and will not prevent shootings. more »»



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