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The real problem

April 17, 2014 I attended the showing of "The People" at the Community Arts Center April 7. After the movie, the panel was open to a question/answer segment. more »»

Bravo, Montoursville

April 17, 2014 I attended the Montoursville musical "Pippen" April 12, with 25 students, directors, and parents from Liberty High School's music department. more »»

Weakening the country

April 16, 2014 As the Affordable Care Act is being implemented, it’s becoming ever more obvious that it’s whatever President Obama says it is with his exemptions and deadline change. more »»

Tax education – read fine print

April 16, 2014 No wonder a person can lose their temper anymore, particularly when they are presented with tax guidelines that penalize them for paying their taxes. more »»

Who’s getting bailed out?

April 16, 2014 Regarding letters written by Jane Long and Phillip Miller, the only ones the feds are bailing out are the ones who live in a flood plain and don't pay for flood insuranc. more »»

Why does gender matter?

April 15, 2014 How sad is it that Sander Harris writes a letter complaining about a girl wanting to wrestle boys. more »»

No one’s the same

April 15, 2014 In today’s world, many people are against gay marriage or just gay couples. Many people have their own opinions on this topic. more »»

Everyone wins

April 15, 2014 May I respectfully remind you that the purpose of a government is to protect its people, not businesses. more »»


April 15, 2014 How outrageous is the answer to the question on page 2 of the Parade that came with the Sun-Gazette on Sunday? The highest paid governor in America is none other than our own Pennsylvania Republican... more »»

Here’s your sign

April 14, 2014 While driving recently, I saw a bumper sticker supporting Obama Biden on the car in front of me, and it made me think of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour's Bill Engval, and his routine that stupid people... more »»

Money talks!

April 14, 2014 According to the conservative justices of the Supreme Court of the United States money has First Amendment rights. Money has free speech rights. Money talks. more »»

A blow to democracy

April 13, 2014 With their decision on May 3 in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court has struck a terrible blow to American democracy, possibly a fatal one. more »»

Technology today

April 13, 2014 In today’s society newer and more technology develops every single day. From smart phones to tablets and touch screen computers there is so much out there and more and more is being made every d. more »»

Education flaws

April 13, 2014 It has, more than come to my attention, but rather been beating at the door that the education system not only no longer educates their students but also attempts to display their power over student... more »»

Biblical law

April 13, 2014 Regardless of what other may think and say, we were founded on Biblical laws. We are still a Judeo-Christian nation. more »»

History repeating

April 13, 2014 While President Barack Obama was busy appearing on The View and filling out his March Madness brackets. Vladamir Putin and the mullahs of Iran have a much larger agenda. more »»

The death penalty

April 13, 2014 The death penalty is one of the top ten controversial topics of 2014. With the possibility of someone being innocent but getting sentenced to death, the death penalty should be banned completely. more »»

Pick up after pets

April 13, 2014 Spring is in the air. This is, indeed, a fact. Soon the grass will need cutting, the hedges trimmed, tulips and daffodils will bloom and those of us who appreciate flowers will be busy planting. more »»


April 12, 2014 In this great country, everyone is born with certain rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. more »»

What has presidency become?

April 12, 2014 am still young, and I won’t deny that my views may still be narrow because of it, but in these nearly 20 short years of my life I feel as though I’ve been watching this country sink into the mud. more »»



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