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Rejection of science

March 27, 2016 In May I will graduate with a B.S. degree in biochemistry. In August I’ll continue my studies in pursuit of a PhD. more »»

An obituary

March 27, 2016 The following obituary was printed in the London Times: Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. more »»

Disgraceful decision

March 27, 2016 Recently Tom Marino and Gabe Campana became the only Pennsylvania congressman and mayor, respectively, to endorse Donald Trump for president. This was a disgraceful decisio. more »»

A possible solution

March 27, 2016 Kathleen Kane was running for Attorney General and told us if we wanted to end corruption in Harrisburg we should send her. more »»

Budget travesty

March 27, 2016 For the fourth time in the 9 months of this fiscal year, the Republican controlled Legislature has passed a spending bill, giving Governor Wolf 97 percent of the funding he has sought (and all done... more »»


March 27, 2016 I find myself very confused these days, I am old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan ran for office, the Republican elite had a fit they said he was a democrat, even though he had repented of that... more »»

The virtues of shame

March 27, 2016 In 2001, the New York Times featured an op-ed which stated: "We need to be careful, or we'll drive out our best hypocrites from public life. more »»

Filling in

March 26, 2016 I was going to door to door handing out pamphlets for my church when a man invited me in to his house. He asked me if I was a patriot and I said yes. more »»

Family gathering

March 26, 2016 The current Democratic Party and debates remind me of going to a family gathering. more »»

Mad at Wolf, commission

March 26, 2016 I think Gov. Wolf needs a vacation, he stinks. He raised the minimum wages for government employees and not for the other employees and not for the other poor souls. What about fast food people, dept. more »»

Pleased by coverage

March 25, 2016 As a lifelong resident of Williamsport. I wanted to compliment the sports staff of the Sun- Gazette for their consistent improvement of the Sports section. more »»

Honoring their oath

March 25, 2016 Upon hearing of the untimely death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell raced to the cameras and microphones to declare that no replacement offered up by... more »»


March 25, 2016 Illegal Immigration: the Republicans support it for cheap labor; the Democrats want the votes. more »»


March 25, 2016 A recent letter to the editor made the claim that GM (genetically modified) seeds are covered with chemicals. This is incorrect from both a factual and practical perspective. more »»


March 24, 2016 I am very concerned about GMO (foods made with "genetically modified organisms"). more »»

Rest of the story?

March 24, 2016 I just finished reading the article "Courtesy for court pic-from Dems-as lines set". more »»

What happened?

March 24, 2016 Our Country must really be sad, as We, Her citizens, have let the choice for president come down to him or her! God help us! John B. more »»

Quote makes sense

March 23, 2016 While rummaging through a drawer of memories from the past, I came across a quote I had saved from some long forgotten college text. I believe it to be as true today as when it was first written. more »»


March 23, 2016 A recent letter in your paper caused me to laugh. The article was regarding road work to be done in 2017 to connect the western end of Newberry, Reach Road, Trenton Avenue, etc. with Route 15. more »»

Don’t forget write-in option

March 23, 2016 Do not forget you also have the option to write in a vote! Just because "your choice" didn't make the initial cut, you can still walk into that booth in November and write in anyone you damn well... more »»



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