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Park users want their basketball hoops and pool back

June 30, 2013

Whether it was young man playing basketball on a court without hoops, a woman with a small child decrying the closure of a pool or families fed up with trash talk and drug activities, Memorial Park......

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Jul-02-13 7:26 PM

I made a suggestion to Z3ro about coordinating volunteer groups with schools. Back when I was a kid, we used to (school classes) go down to Bowman field and things like that and clean up the area. I think something like that could teach kids to respect and take pride in their community. It might be a place to start.

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Jul-02-13 1:23 PM

Well, I guess that's what the talking is about... organizing, figuring out a strategy, communicating goals so the chance of success is greater. My husband and I didn't have a clue what Rise Above was. We thought it was a program the mayor initiated, but it's not. Action is needed, but without a game plan, a way to market the idea and get people involved, there is no action.

One of the things the gentleman at the meeting suggested was talking to neighbors about the condition of their property, their children's behavior within the neighborhood, offering to help others, get to know one's neighbors, etc.

Maybe we have to start on our own block, take before pictures, do some work within the neighborhood to help one another, take after pictures and share the efforts with the Sun-Gazette, so people can see something is happening, with a little effort we can make change.

I'm just thinking aloud. What do you think should be the next step? I know you think "action" but what kind

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Jul-02-13 12:50 PM

I think, I hear a lot about the talking, which is great. Now I'd like to see a lot about the action. I think that's what needs to happen next, is people going into communities and putting it into action.

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Jul-02-13 12:43 PM

"Got it. So, what's next?" - wwhickok

If you're asking me, I would think getting with Rise Above to learn what efforts they've been making to get residents organized makes the most sense. No sense in you and z3r0cool re-inventing the wheel.

A gentleman after the meeting suggested to me that this effort needs to start not within certain communities, not within certain neighborhoods, not within the park, but block by block. He said getting people on their block involved in taking care of the block is the first step. It probably has to start with the adults, as you and others have pointed out that parental responsibility is key to addressing what's causing these problems, rather than reacting after the fact.

What are you thinking?

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Jul-02-13 11:31 AM

Got it. So, what's next?

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Jul-02-13 9:33 AM

w w w . riseabove2013 . c o m I don't understand why the Gazette won't allow links to be posted... makes no sense. I hope you can see this.

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Jul-02-13 6:12 AM

yeah I can't see that link.

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Jul-01-13 2:10 PM

wwhickok, They provided us with the link to their website, in case you don't have that... ***********riseabove2013****/. They had a sign up sheet at the meeting Saturday.

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Jul-01-13 12:56 PM


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Jul-01-13 6:00 AM

RWH, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the meeting this weekend. The Mayors office had emailed me and told me there was a meeting, I misunderstood them and thought they meant 7-5-13 not 6-29-13, so I was out of town, a bit disappointed about that.

I'm definitely going to look into contacting Rise Above

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Jun-30-13 8:59 PM

(cont.) It's unfair to suggest that the problem lies strictly with the basketball court area. While walking my dog, many times, I've seen all the trash cans in the park overturned, the debris from parties at the pavilion strewn all over the area. The whole park is often a mess, not just the area around the courts.

My husband and I have found hypodermic needles more than once at the corner of Memorial Ave. and Race St.

There is something disingenuous about this whole situation.

wwhickok, you really should speak to the folks from Rise Above, as my husband and I did. They have been trying to develop what I suggested, what you're proposing, for a number of years now.

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Jun-30-13 8:43 PM

Did any of the folks who've commented here attend the meeting yesterday? My husband and I did. The Mayor made a speech, he indicated people could speak to him one on one, but there was no public exchange between the Mayor and the people in attendance. Exception was taken to the comparison of the basketball courts and the tennis courts, by one of the folks with Rise Above, and to be honest, we were sitting there in disbelief at how the Mayor approached the whole meeting. It came off, to my husband and I as a publicity stunt rather than a real opportunity to discuss the situation with the people of the community.

I take exception to the commentary in this article about city staff cleaning up the park before mowing. I have been in the park many mornings when mowing is being done and I've watched the lawn mowers being driven right over debris, chopping it up and dispersing it over a larger area. One day it was a foam cushion from a piece of furniture that got chopped up.

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Jun-30-13 5:02 PM

( Times Have Changed Today In Our Society Along With The Newer Generation And Their Attitudes Towards Respecting Our / Their City And The Residents That Reside Here All Their Lives. Littering , Drugs , A Vicious Cycle Every Day / Every Where. People Today Rather Their Young / Old Have No Common Sense , Respect For Parks , Walkways , And Other Public Spaces. They Believe Someone Else Will Pick Up After Them. Parents Don't Care For Such Filth When They Bring Their Children There For The Day. Others Just Need To Respect One Another And The Surroundings Around Them For A Healthier , Better Environment.

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Jun-30-13 3:33 PM

I and others are meeting with the Mayor at 4pm on Saturday at Memorial Park, we are going to propose and introduce a Project idea, currently being called Project Community Clean. I challenge you all to show up and get involved. Want to see change? Be part of the change.

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Jun-30-13 1:31 PM

Street machine-

First off city council didn't take the rims down that was solely the mayors decision..get ur facts right first.

Crushing downtown is and was a safety issue....teens racing their cars light to light! Not to mention fights and drinking.

Arcades....well that's just an out of date thing!

Pools/-- they are too expensive to fix and mantain! Unless taxes are raised and I'm sure you'd complain about that.

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Jun-30-13 11:32 AM

I'll make the liberal argument here since the "ideology" rises above the tortured decent people who want to take their kids to Memorial Park..."The central claim of the broken windows theory—that disorder causes crime by signaling community breakdown—is flawed. The categories of “disorder” and “the disorderly” lie at the heart of the problem. Those categories do not have well-defined boundaries or settled meanings. When we talk about “disorder,” we are really referring to certain minor acts that some of us come to view as disorderly mostly because of the punitive strategies that we inflict as a society. We have come to identify certain acts—graffiti spraying, litter, profanity, and drug use—and not others—police brutality, accounting scams, and tax evasion—as disorderly and connected to broader patterns of serious crime." I mean seriously, the police should be kicking in the doors of tax evaders to cut down crime, not pretend that playground violence and drug deali

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Jun-30-13 9:05 AM

i take my 4 year old grandaughter to memorial park i'm SO HAPPY they took the rims down i've seen the drug paraphanelia laying around on the ground, since the rims have been taken down the park has been so QUIET which is a plus no little hoodrats running around swearing trashing the park I HOPE CAMPANA NEVER PUTS THE HOOPS BACK UP IT'S A MUCH NICER PLACE AND PARK NOW TO TAKE YOUR KIDS AND NOT TO SAY PROBABLY SAFER !!!!!!!

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Jun-30-13 8:46 AM


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Jun-30-13 8:31 AM

The bad language and in general bad manners comes from a uneducated culture that thought "talking street" was cool when in fact "street talk" is uneducated dummy slang that only shows their ignorance. Instead of being embarrassed of their lack of education, these people would walk around purposly spouting this garbage language. The "N" and "F" word being a fundimental crutch word in every sentence. Parents are just as guilty of this as their kids and now both want to sound like a bunch of hood rats. It ain't dope......know what I saying???

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Jun-30-13 5:07 AM

Until the parents stop using foul language you can't expect much more from the kids.You can't go into a grocery store anymore without hearing that kind of language out of adults.C'mon parents, you can't teach kids to have common courtesy and respect for others if you don't set those examples.That kind of behavior isn't funny, cute or admirable coming from an adult or child.

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Jun-30-13 3:48 AM

wasnt the pool closed because it costed too much money to fix before summer? money no one had? money that probably went to that stupid ball field that is a waste of money right next to it. that pool was a great place in the summer for the local kids to go and be entertained all afternoon. makes no sense to have to find a way five miles away or somewhere else to a local pool to swim for the locals. no matter what you threaten, you will hear foul language. get over it. teach the young not to use it or where its appropriate, which should never be appropriate. bad language is everywhere but shouldnt be a reason to close the pool.

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