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Focus on real crime

October 29, 2013

Due to the recent increase in robberies in this sleepy little town, local and state police are out in full force. No, they haven't arrested any criminals as yet....

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Oct-31-13 11:07 PM

Give me Montoursville over Williamsport any day!!!!

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Oct-29-13 9:47 PM

Yeah, in between eating donuts these flat foots are shaking down law abiding citizens for their made up ticket quota. Murder and mayhem all around yet they make up imaginary violations so they can harass our most upstanding citizens... Cry me a river honey. I wish there were laws against your whining.

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Oct-29-13 6:36 PM

If crime prevention is what you're looking for from the police, then ticket writing is the best thing they can do. A policeman, driving by is a small deterrent, but a policeman out of his car in the neighborhood is scarier to the criminal. When the police are in the car, the criminal hides behind a bush until they pass. when they get out of the car, the criminal leaves the area. But crime prevention is not the main job of the police and it is the least effective part of police work. Crime prevention is the citizens' job. The police are there for law enforcement, that is investigating and arresting perpetrators after the crime is committed. The fear of punishment is the only preventive measure that the police can effectively offer.

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Oct-29-13 5:21 PM

"Real Crime" is dependent on the individual's perspective.

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Oct-29-13 4:52 PM

Ms. Miller,

They are doing their job, for a change. Usually they are trying to catch speeders or DUIs on I180. If they are now writing parking tickets in the Borough, that means that they are at least here and not off playing State Trooper. It is a little known fact that many crimes are solved because the perpetrator was illegally parked and received a ticket, so in a way ticketing illegally parked cars is working toward solving the next crime. If you were ticketed, you must have been illegally parked. If you don't do that, you have nothing to worry about. The police are there to enforce all of the laws. Since there is very little crime other than parking and stop sign violations (and the occasional illegal yard sale sign) these are the laws that they will be enforcing. It is good that they are in town now. If you need them, they will be closer.

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Oct-29-13 3:22 PM

uh rmiller... I believe nobud was refering to the letter writer....

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Oct-29-13 1:04 PM

you're welcome nobud!

Seriously, I guess at 61, I've learned to prioritize things in life. I also see Cap's point about speeding and a child's life being lost.

Trust me folks, there is no excuse for any speeding/parking tickets I have ever received. The law is the law. I've also experienced a "wait" on a 911 call after having my head caved in and a couple of ribs broke...and I've wondered if that was because a citation was being written?

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Oct-29-13 10:27 AM

Did you not know that everyone thinks they are law abiding citizens until someone in authority tells them otherwise. Then it is harassment.

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Oct-29-13 9:16 AM

What would be said about this same police department that turned their back on those that speed and it resulted in the death of an innocent child? I have read letters in this very paper that have complained about the police not enforcing traffic laws. I wish the department had a ride along program so that many would have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a cop.

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Oct-29-13 9:07 AM

It is funny how when we break the law it is always a minor infraction, and there are other more major infractions that the officer should be investigating. Thanks for the laugh, Mrs. Miller.

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Oct-29-13 8:49 AM


Bottom line...

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Oct-29-13 8:47 AM

Yes, Mike..Montoursville does have its own police dept. I've been privy to their speed trap and for the most part, it's what they do.

Let's face it folks, whether she got a ticket or not (doesn't negate the point of her letter). All jobs have priorities that make the job relevant. As it is the job of an officer to give a ticket, it is also the job of an officer to prevent/track crime/criminals and or other activities that would "harm" our communities. Would not time be better served on the latter?

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Oct-29-13 8:32 AM

Mrs. Miller your "sleepy little town" of Montoursville has a huge her*oin problem.....

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Oct-29-13 7:50 AM

'Sleepy little town' but the letter cites activity that belies that description.

I find I am in agreement with some of the other posters here that the writer is offended they got a ticket while real crime is going unpunish in their opinion.

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Oct-29-13 7:28 AM

"real or imagined." I jump to the conclusion its real. Do you think your letter will give someone pause to cut you a break?

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Oct-29-13 6:16 AM

"law abiding citizens for minor infractions"


I guess that minor infractions don't really count as breaking the law!

Does that include not stopping for the pedestrian in the crosswalk, speeding 45 in the 35 mph zone, using he.roin in one's own home, having a code violation on rental property, or having a meth lab in your garage out in the country far away from everyone else.

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Oct-29-13 5:07 AM

Mike, I'm not sure if she's speaking of Montoursville or Williamsport. She does mention local authorities so she could be speaking of either. Regardless, it's obvious she doesn't read the police blotter or the many articles that cover those sentenced in court. It sounds to me like she got a parking ticket she didn't agree with and she should be addressing her anger at the parking authority and not the police. Police have a thankless job and no community is crime free. So you'll always have those that complain about the job they are doing.

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Oct-29-13 5:06 AM

Sounds too me like mars. Miller must've been parked in a illegal spot and received a ticket for it

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Oct-29-13 5:04 AM

Yes they do Mike.

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Oct-29-13 3:41 AM

Doesn't Montoursville have their own police department?

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