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Police asked to help stop a ‘great divide’

April 29, 2014

City residents who’ve lost the basketball hoops at Memorial Park advocated for more police presence and more patrol officers getting out of the cars and getting to know the next generation in......

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Apr-30-14 2:11 PM

I love how the claim is that there are all these innocent basketball playing youth who are being cheated out of their only recreational outlet.

Give me a break. Even the kids playing basketball there knew what was going on. Why didn't they make an anonymous call to the cops when they saw this going on? Because they didn't care.

Now the hoops are gone and they care all of the sudden. They are a day late and a dollar short. There are sacrifices to be made to fix the problems in Williamsport. Guess these people should have started caring a little sooner.

And it's not like these 16-20 year old YOUNG ADULTS can't find something else to do with their energy and time. Go for a run and read a good book. There, I just solved the entire problem.

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Apr-30-14 8:18 AM

I'm sorry, but until the people who live there and use these facilities give a crap and do what it takes to help apprehend and prosecute the drug dealers and those who are committing crimes I have no sympathy for them. Stand up and take a stand, then the police will help you. Until then keep hiding and teaching your kids that the police are bad and that the "streets have their own code" as someone once said in an article.

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Apr-29-14 4:47 PM

Everyone keeps saying the police dont have time to stop at park,I live next to the Dunkin Donuts in Newberry and they have time to sit there for 30-45 mins 4-5 times a day,or see them pulled off in parking lots sise by side talking for 30+ mins but know time to stop in at a park they are worried bout a crime happening,give me a break!!!!!

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Apr-29-14 2:38 PM

I don't think anywhere in the article did it say the police should babysit the kids playing in the park. I think it said the police need to have a presence for the drug dealers. If you know drug deals happen there why wouldn't you have police patrol there. When there is a place on the highway that has a lot of speeders guess what they put an officer there to crack down on the speeders. It is a shame that kids that use the courts to play basketball have to pay the price because thugs want to push drugs. Who's to say these drug pushers won't go to the next park with hoops. Then what take those down? I guess the mayor can just keep moving from park to park until there are no more hoops. Then I guess the drug pushers will have to hang around say the tennis courts or baseball fields are we going to take those away to? The answer is to get rid of the drug pushers not activities that keep kids involved in positive activities.

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Apr-29-14 1:35 PM

To combat drug use, drug dealings and other crimes in the park and throughout the surrounding neighborhoods it will take community involvement.

If you see crime being committed in the park then call the police, their job is law enforcement not babysitting.

It will take everyone's involvement to take back your neighborhoods but it can be done, it has been accomplished in other cities it can happen in Williamsport also.

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Apr-29-14 12:12 PM

I love how it's racially insensitive to remove the basketball hoops, but somehow not racially insensitive to think that their removal only affects African Americans....What, caucasian kids don't play basketball?....

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Apr-29-14 10:46 AM

Where is it stated that the city is required to provide recreational facilities for the city residents? Turn the parks into AFFORDABLE housing, not just affordable to the gas worker, but to the average city resident. That would end the problem of who is watching the park and increase the property taxes coming into the city. If everyone who is crying about loosing the "hoops" would be willing to chip in and help keep the parks clean, that would be a step in the right direction. As usual, everyone feels entitled, but no one wants to help. After all, there is more to life than basketball and rap (noise) music.

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Apr-29-14 9:57 AM

Our police here already double as clowns and now you want them to be babysitters, go easy on Andy and Barney they are overworked already.

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Apr-29-14 9:28 AM

If this is the next generation for Williamsport, I would shut the city down now. They are nothing more than criminals trying to sell their drugs there.

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Apr-29-14 8:48 AM

You said it LittleDutch, blaming the police because people don't know how to act. excuse makers, no accountability, all of them.

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Apr-29-14 8:29 AM

7 or 8 of the rappers on the "entertainment video" are serving time locally or in the fed system for drugs and guns or both. Several people are fairly acquainted with the justice system. I winder why having all the courts that existed in the past didn't keep others out of the system if they are such a deterrent? Asking the police to babysat and suggesting that the rest of the city reduce police protection to have babysitters in the park is ridiculous. No one seemed to have an ability to grasp that these "kids" were not "kids" having some fun, that this park would be the next violent crime scene, that it is not the responsibility of the police to play basketball with their kids or sat and observe them. Absolutely no one cared about the continuing drug problem, the 4 ****** overdoses in the past 48 hours or a discussion about a new approach to an individual arrested for certain drug crimes. Hopefully clubs, groups and organizations will request to see the

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Apr-29-14 7:01 AM

I didn't realize the police force also provides babysitting services. Instead possibly PARENTS could be present and get to "know the next generation" they are raising. (Not sure "raising" is the correct term here) How many people in the audience last evening attend parent/teacher conferences at school, or neighborhood watch group meetings? Not many I bet. (by the way, teachers are in school to TEACH, not parent- that's a whole other LTE) The FALSE sense of entitlement in this society is frightening. How about earning and taking care of, what you want? Enough said. THese letters are usually unread by those who need to read them. Probably because they don't get the paper or don't care about anything except themselves)

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Apr-29-14 6:47 AM

""Get to know the kids," Kirkland said, adding the playing of rap is a form of entertainment,"


Rap is entertainment with an attitude, many times with a bad attitude.

Where are the dads, where are the moms, where is a grandparent or an uncle or an aunt? Why do the police have to be the parents and watch over everyone?

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