Progress: Lycoming Creek

Northern Lycoming County sees opportunities



Following the Lycoming Creek north, burgeoning communities will be found replete with developments and new business opportunities.

With the installation of Route 15 in the 70s, traffic along Lycoming Creek Road relaxed and the barriers that once kept drivers safe became a hindrance to businesses, said Sam Aungst, Old Lycoming Township supervisor.

“They are getting in the way of developing areas,” he said. “We had some potential development but they backed out due to the barriers.”

The area is still valuable as evinced by McDonalds, at 1940 Lycoming Creek Road, completely tearing down and rebuilding their location.

Sam Aungst, Old Lycoming Township supervisor, said he’s working with the state Department of Transportation to eliminate those barriers.

“I think that the future’s looking bright or at least brighter, and the economy is doing a little better,” he said.

A large motivating factor in the movement are the services that the township provides, said Aungst.

“We have an excellent police department, aggressive road and sewer department, we have Williamsport fire department firefighters and UPMC regional paramedics at Old Lycoming station,” he said.

Recently the police department, which provides some coverage for other areas, has been looking to regionalize with the Tiadaghton Regional Police Department, which will cut down on costs and increase coverage, he said.

The fire department too, has steadily been working with the Williamsport Bureau of Fire to collaborate, though both have retained their names.

“We have really good services and our taxes are relatively low for the services we provide,” he said.

North of Old Lycoming, in Trout Run, the first Fatburger and Buffalo Express in the Northeast recently opened in a rest stop.

The two restaurants, at 169 Route 14, are the first of their brand on the East Coast and provide jobs for locals.

“I think that’s the part they like, a nice environment, close to everybody’s home, and even for employment, so many people are walking in for applications,” said Nono Khosa, the manager.


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