Golf tip of the week: Club fitting 101

Club fitting requires the proper equipment and know how.

The most overused words in golf are “my clubs are custom fit.” It’s sad but true. Most golfers are lead to believe their clubs are custom fit.

The fact is, very few golfers own a real set of custom clubs.

Buying a set of golf clubs from a box store and referring to them as being custom fit is like baking a birthday cake from a box and saying you made it from scratch.

First and foremost, a set of clubs cannot be custom fit over the phone or via the internet.

A club builder needs extensive training, experience and the proper tools, such as a swing analyzer, loft and lie machine, frequency analyzer, MOI machine and swing weight scale.

It is impossible to calculate the following factors without being present at the fitting:

• Record the clubhead speed with a driver and a mid-iron in MPH

• Golfers downswing transition rating

• Golfers wrist-cock release

• Downswing tempo rating

• Golfer’s physical strength rating

• When the shaft unloads

• Utilize a Lie angle board to determine proper lie

• Wrist to floor measurement

• Hand measurement from wrist crease to fingertips to determine the correct grip size.

• Answer questions asked by the master club fitter, such as health issues, wrist problems, arthritis, limited joint movement or any other matters that would require special attention to help the golfer get the most out of his/her equipment. For example, a golfer with lower back trouble may require longer clubs so he/she doesn’t have to bend over as much.

The proper flex, flex point, shaft weight and torque is required to achieve the desired ball trajectory.

The master club fitter who is up to date utilizes club fitting programs. All the fitting information is then plugged in and the computer will provide the clubfitter with more precise information and recommendations.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, a golf author and professional, gives lessons in his high-tech golf swing simulator, at his golf studio and custom club shop in Williamsport.


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