Jersey Shore, Montoursville split local meet

JERSEY SHORE — It had the makings of a lop-sided contest for both teams as Montoursville traveled to Jersey Shore for a showdown in the pool.

Montoursville came into the meet with some of the top swimmers in the area on the boys side. The same could be said about Jersey Shore, which boasts a crop of seasoned swimmers on the girls side of the meet.

The Montoursville boys won nine of 12 events for a final score of 94-60. On the girls side, Jersey Shore restored order after two consecutive losses with a 113-48 win over Montoursville.

“We’re improving as we go,” Jordan O’Connor said about the Jersey Shore girls. “Those were just two early-season meets. We are starting to get into our grind and seeing what we can do. We showed a lot of improvement.”

Sam Jordan opened an event filled day in the pool as he opened the 200 medley relay with the backstroke. Jordan got his team a lead it would hold for the remainder of the race, but he was far from done with just the opening swim.

“It’s the first swim so you have to make sure you hit everything to get you into the groove for the rest of the day,” Jordan said. “I hit it pretty good. I was excited for my upcoming events.”

Jordan got a breather before swimming the always grueling 400 free. Due to Jersey Shore’s pool size the race is slimmed down to 400 instead of 500. Despite the shorter race, Jordan was challenged, but proved once again why he entered as the favorite as he posted a 4:27.79 to win the event. Jordan then went on to swim in the 100 back before anchoring the 400 free relay to closeout the meet.

“The 400 was the longest event I had to swim and I just went all out until I couldn’t swim anymore,” Jordan said. “I really wanted to push it. I felt like I put everything in the water. I generally don’t take long to recuperate.”

Right beside Jordan throughout the meet was his teammate Angelo Silvagni, who swam the second leg of the 200 medley relay. Silvagni then went on to swim the 100 free, winning the event with a time of 1:01.36. Silvagni also opened the 400 free relay to help closeout a solid day in the pool for the Montoursville boys.

Jacob Fellinger won the 200 free with a time of 2:28.77. He also swam in the 200 free relay. Kurtis Johnson was another standout for Montoursville as he won the 100 fly with a time of 1:11.30.

“I just went through it and trusted my training and sprinted every event, because I had some short distances,” Fellinger said.

As Montoursville’s group of talented swimmers on the boys side staked their claim to one of the best small programs in the area, the Jersey Shore girls proved they were ready for the local showdown.

Jordan O’Connor, one of the Bulldogs top returners from a season ago, opened the 200 medley relay and helped lead Jersey Shore to an early win. O’Connor also swam in the fly, posting a final time of 2:27.45. The group of Hunter Lucas, Stephanie Steinbacher, Allison Moore, and Taylor Flemming was just behind with a final time of 2:27.57.

“There were a lot of high expectations since we were coming off two losses,” O’Connor said. “We were put into different events and that was really fun to do.”

O’Connor has grown into a leader for Jersey Shore and it shows. Moments before the final relay, she could be seen helping some of the other swimmers get ready for the race. She has made countless sacrifices for the Bulldogs and has had a rewarding early portion to her senior season.

Veronica Sander helped the 200 free relay team pick up a win with a time of 2:16.18. She swam the anchor just one event removed from the 400 free, which she won with a time of 5:12.53.

“It’s a lot of fun getting to see other swimmers you don’t get to swim with a lot,” O’Connor said. “It really shows what they can do and what we can do. It’s a lot of fun.”


Jersey Shore 113, Montoursville 48

200 medley relay: 1. Jersey Shore (Jordan O’Connor, Taylor Watkins, Mackenzie Gardner, Veronica Sander), 2:27.45. 200 free: 1. Hunter Lucas (Jersey Shore), 2:50.76. 200 IM: 1. Hannah Albert (Montoursville), 2:54.03. 50 free: 1. Taylor Flemming (Jersey Shore), 29.88. 100 fly: 1. Meaghan Keegan (Jersey Shore), 1:13.87. 100 free: 1. Kerrigan Hartsock (Montoursville), 1:16.66. 500 free: 1. Veronica Sander (Jersey Shore), 5:12.53. 200 free relay: 1. Jersey Shore (Meaghan Keegan, Desiree Rennicks, Rachel Tira, Veronica Sander), 2:16.18. 100 back: 1. Albert Hannah (Montoursville), 1:15.82. 100 breast: 1. Lily Dincher (Jersey Shore), 1:37.32. 400 free relay: Jersey Shore (Meaghan Keegan, Olivia Berry, Lily Dincher, Veronica Sander), 4:09.50.


Montoursville 94, Jersey Shore 60

200 medley relay: 1. Montoursville (Sam Jordan, Angelo Silvagni, Evan Hamm, Kurtis Johnson), 2:03.04. 200 free: 1. Jacob Flemming (Montoursville), 2:28.77. 200 IM: Alex Butzler (Jersey Shore), 2:32.32. 50 free: 1. Kurtis Johnson (Montoursville), 27.27. 100 fly: Kurtis Johnson (Montoursville), 1:11.30. 100 free: 1. Angelo Silvagni (Montoursville), 1:01.36. 500 free: 1. Sam Jordan (Montoursville), 4:27.79. 200 free relay: Jersey Shore (Caleb Stemler, Owen Knepp, Artie Dammer, Alex Butzler), 1:59.57. 100 back: 1. Sam Jordan (Montoursville), 1:05.37. 100 breast: Evan Hamm (Montoursville), 1:25.17. 400 free relay: 1. Montoursville (Angelo Silvagni, Kurtis Johnson, Evan Hamm, Sam Jordan), 4:18.32.