Kegler’s Korner: Week 1 (Sept. 9)

Welcome to the new Kegler’s Korner, a weekly feature on bowling which will run for the length of the bowling season. The original Kegler’s Korner appeared in this newspaper each season from the mid 1950s until the early 1990s, and featured the men and women bowlers who bowled high series and games in the previous week of bowling. This article was originally started by Pete Weaver and Nelson Silverstrim, two bowlers who worked in the composing room at the Sun-Gazette in the 1950s. The article was soon taken over by the Sun-Gazette writing staff.

This new Kegler’s Korner will similarly include high scores from the previous week, but will also include other features such as explanations of the official rules of bowling and achievements of local bowlers from the past. We hope to bring you other information and stories, such as remembrances of various Hall of Famers from the local bowling association and announcements of tournaments at the local, state and national level, as well as other bowling information which we hope you will find interesting.

Last week, Noah Whitesell led all male bowlers with an 831 series, including a 297 game, in the Walter Zeek Memorial League at Faxon. Karla Anderson bested all the ladies with a 647 in the Susquehanna Health League at Faxon, while Beth Morgan’s 236 game in the same league was the high women’s game for the week.

High scores from other

Leagues last week:

ABC LANES — Sunday Nite Social: Tim Stahl 663, Barb Snyder 547; Wednesday Night Ladies: Cristin Kiper 544 (205); Thursday Night Mens: Mark Reamsnyder 638, Steve Utter 255. FAXON LANES — Sunday Night Mixed: Alex Crist 689 (257), Dawn Dehen 514; Faxon Sport: Jeff Kita 719, Nick Wilcox 266; Walter Zeek Memorial: Brenda Brownawell 645 (235); Faxon Classic: Brian Eiswerth 752, Chelsea Morgan 227, Kevin Kessler 277; Susquehanna Health: Matt Desanto 670, Matt Eshleman 267; Wed. Night Ladies: Brenda Brownawell 510. Teri Bair 191; Thursday Morning Mixed: Bret Nogle 755, Brenda Brownawell 548, Noah Whitesell 279; Retirees: Dave Royer 671, Tom Gower 266. HARVEST MOON LANES – Intercommunity: Charles Carnes III 715 (289), Andy Tressler Memorial: Marty Reeder 726 (279): Three Man Major (Sport Shot): Joey Chaya 632 (229).

Hope to see you on the lanes.