South’s Summerson, Peck advance to district doubles semis

BRETT R. CROSSLEY/Sun-Gazette Correspondent South Williamsport’s Lily Summerson connects with a strong return shot during the opening round of the District 4 doubles tournament at Williamsport on Saturday.

South Williamsport’s duo of Lily Summerson and Lauren Peck represented the top doubles pair of the District 4 doubles tournament and they lived up to the pairing Saturday at Williamsport.

They opened with a straight set win over Towanda’s No. 2 pairing. They then beat Montgomery’s second pair of Emily Wolfgang and Clara Ulrich in straight sets. The duo finally defeated Bloomsburg’s Dana Lee and Brooke Keister, 7-5, 6-1, to reach the semifinals.

“It takes us just a second to read and figure things out, because we aren’t doubles players,” Summerson said. “It feels good that we won confidently. It was just nerves and figuring things out. We’re strong enough to get it done.”

South Williamsport won the league title, sent three girls to the singles semifinals with Olivia Dorner claiming the top spot and won the district title. Summerson and Peck reaching the semifinals is just another notch in the team’s belt as it heads into multiple state tournaments.

“We’d love to win,” Summerson said of Monday. “We just want to go out and play confidently and win strongly. We just want to stick together as a team.”

Five second pairings from local teams reached the second round. Montgomery’s Wolfgang and Ulrich opened with a 6-3, 6-0 win over Lewisburg’s top duo of Hannah Castellan and Audrey Harer. Montoursville’s Madison Holland and Maddie Adams reached the second round with a 6-4, 6-4 win over Bucktail’s top pair of Myka Poorman and Sara Kepler.

The Bulldogs sent two groups through to the second round. Sam Machmer and Hailey Stetts knocked off Daisy Ettinger and Aver De Fazio to earn a tip to the second round. South Williamsport’s second group as well as Lewisburg’s second group also reach the second round of the two-day tournament.

Milton’s pair of Hannah and Haley Seebold entered the tournament as a top seed and delivered a win before falling to Central Columbia’s Adrianna Rakaulkas and Isabella McHugh, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3.

For Haley, who started tennis a year after her sister, it was an honor just to be able to help her twin in the tournament.

“I started playing tennis a year after Hannah and being here with her is very important to me as well,” Haley Seebold said. “I’m honestly so proud of myself. Hannah is an incredible tennis player. I really wouldn’t want to be a doubles player with anybody else. I never thought I would get to a point where I could help her out. Now that we were here and I was helping her out on some of those points it really makes me feel good.”

Haley did more than just help get points as the pair advanced with a 6-1, 6-1 win over St. John Neumann’s Maria Helminiak and Juliana Krinner.

“We actually spent a lot of time away from each other and practiced with other people,” Hannah Seebold said. “We came together. Today we just happened to have good chemistry. There were times when she could have said something to me or I could have said something to her, but we didn’t. It was just a lot of fun.”

Hannah and Haley have been nothing but class since taking on the multiple postseason tournaments required of tennis players. Both have been outstanding all season. Hannah earned the No. 3 seed in the singles tournament and the pair were seeded for doubles.

“I remember when she told me she wanted to play tennis,” Hannah Seebold said. “Everybody in my family has also asked about the doubles team and today we actually did it. It was pretty good. I couldn’t get the ball over the net my freshman year. I just got lucky I had a twin that would always hit with me.”

Montoursville’s top pair of Lydia Barbour and Rei Saar also reached Monday’s semifinals with wins over Milton’s second pair and Loyalsock’s and Jersey Shore’s top pairs of doubles players.

“Early on we had a good first match,” Barbour said. “We had a much tougher second match, but we were able to pull through which shows a good team. Our third match we wanted to go in and get things done which we wanted to do.”

Barbour and Saar won their final match in straight sets to set themselves up for a good showing in Monday’s semifinals.

“It definitely gives us confidence going in knowing we can play top level tennis,” Barbour said.

For Saar, who just came out for tennis at the beginning of the season, it was different. She felt the nerves early, but leaned on her teammate throughout the matches to gain confidence and hit good shots.

“She’s really like the best partner you could have,” Saar said. “It’s great. When I heard I was even going to districts, I was in complete shock. When we got the second seed there was a little pressure to say the least.”

Milton’s Payton Ritter and Brooklyn Wade won their preliminary match 10-4 over Wellsboro’s Alyssa Wagaman and Bethany Zuchowski. Selinsgrove’s Fiona Finnerty and Emeline Snook downed Bucktail’s Calrie Gentzel and Christiana Delatorre to advance out of the preliminaries.

Other winners to advance out of the preliminaries included Kylie Vasvinder and Amber Leitzel (Mifflinburg) and Keirsten Strohecker and Anne Norris (Shikellamy). Maria Helminiak and Juliana Krinner moved into the opening round with a 10-1 win over Diana Dawes and Emma Eglesia (NP-Liberty).

District 4 Doubles TOURNAMENT

(at Williamsport)


Hannah Ryck/Mackenna Maynard (Towanda) def. Kylie Vasbinder/Amber Leitzel (Mifflinburg), 10-6; Payton Ritter/Brooklyn Wade (Milton) def. Alyssa Wagaman/Bethany Zuchowski (Wellsboro), 10-4; Sarah Hall/Bella Barone (Loyalsock) def. Faith Milhalick/Rory Oden (Muncy), 10-6; Maria Helminiak/Juliana Krinner (St. John Neumann) def. Diana Dawes/Emma Eglesia (NP-Liberty), 10-1; Aubray Freiss/Deja Weaver (NP-Liberty) def. Olivia Weaver/Kelly Sprenkel (Shikellamy), 10-2; Kiersten Strohecker/Anne Norris (Shikellamy) def. Maria Johnson-Davis/Ophira Weiser (St. John Neumann), 10-1; Fiona Finnerty/Emeline Snook (Selinsgrove) def. Carlie Gentzyel/Christiana Delatorre (Bucktail), 10-4.


Lily Summerson/Lauren Peck (SW) def. Hannah Ryck/Mackenna Maynard, 6-1 6-0; Emily Wolfgang/Clara Ulrich (Montgomery) def. Hannah Castellan/Audrey Harer (Lewisburg), 6-3 6-0; Madison Holland/Maddie Adams (Montoursville) def. Megan Cunfer/Alyssa Kruczek (Bucktail), 6-4 6-4; Dana Lee/Brooke Keister (Bloomsburg) def. Mariana Arnabar/Cara Bhoner (Danville), 2-6 6-4 6-4; Carlee Pepper/Riley Emerick (Hughesville) def. Daina Dawes and Emma Eglesia (NP-Liberty), 6-1 6-0; Sam Machmer/Hailey Stetts (Jersey Shore) def. Daisy Ettinger/Aver De Fazio (Selinsgrove), 6-4 6-7 6-4; Adrianna Rakaulkas/Isabella McHugh (Central Columbia) def. Georgia Macensky/Rileigh Gergess (Wellsboro), 6-1 6-3; Hannah Seebold/Haley Seebold (Milton) def. Maria Helminiak/Juliana Krinner (St. John Neumann), 6-1 6-1; Tessa Gill/Emma Kelchner (CC) def. Sarah Hall/Bella Barone (Loyalsock), 6-0 6-2; Abby Underhill/Keister Rockwell (Mifflinburg) def. Madison Entz/Maria Duff (Hughesville), 7-5 5-7 6-2; South Williamsport 2 (names n/a) def. Megan Cunfer/Alyssa Kruczek (Bloomsburg), 6-4 6-3; Saige Whipple/Brooke Barlow (Montgomery) def. Kiersten Strohecker/Anne Norris (Shikellamy), 6-2 6-0; Natalie Charnego/Riley Frazier (Jersey Shore) def. Fiona Finnerty/Emeline Snook (Selinsgrove), 6-4 6-1; Bekah Vance/Becca Brown (Lewisburg) def. Paige Kupas/Paige Holcombe (Danville), 6-3 6-3; Melina Vuocolo/Abbie Machmer (Loyalsock) def. Hannah Risch/Emma Walter (Towanda), 6-2 6-1; Lydia Barbour/Rei Saar (Montoursville) def. Payton Ritter and Brooklyn Wade (Milton), 6-0 6-0.


Summerson/Peck (SW) def. Wolfgang/Ulrich (Montgomery), 6-3 6-0; Lee/Keister (Bloomsburg) def. Holland/Adams (Montoursville), 6-3 6-2; Pepper/Emerick (Hughesville) def. Machmer/Stetts (JS), 6-3 6-3; Rakaulkas/McHugh (CC) def. Seebold/Seebold (Milton), 7-6 6-7 6-3; Gill/Kelchner (CC) def. Underhill/Rockwell (Mifflinburg), 6-0 6-0; Whipple/Barlow (Montgomery) def. South Williamsport 2 (names n/a), 6-3 6-3; Charnego/Frazier (JS) def. Vance/Brown (Lewisburg), 6-3 6-0; Barbour/Saar (Montoursville), 6-4 7-6.


Summerson/Peck (SW) def. Lee/Keister (Bloomsburg), 7-5 6-1; Pepper/Emerick (Hughesville) def. Rakaulkas/McHugh (CC), 6-4 7-5; Gill/Kelchner (CC) def. Whipple/Bartlow (Montgomery), 6-0 6-1; Barbour/Saar (Montoursville) def. Charnego/Frazier (Jersey Shore), 6-0 6-0.


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