Kegler’s Korner; Nov. 11

Amanda Heck was the top female bowler last week, with a 709 series in the Monday Night Classic League, and shooting a 269 game the next night in the Inter-community League, both at Harvest Moon. Tim Day bested all the men with his second 800 of the season, an 826 in the Monday Night Classic League. The Sunday Night Mixed League at Faxon produced 300 games by Alex Crist and Jamie Register. Erik Suiker also bowled a perfect game in the Thursday Night Men’s League at ABC, as did Dylan Young in the Monday Night Classic League.

We understand that several weeks ago, Mary Haswell, having been given a new ball by her son, went out and threw 5 consecutive strikes in bowling 63 pins over her 123 average, in the Thursday Morning Mixed League at Faxon. Way to go Mary!

High scores from other Leagues last week:

ABC LANES: Sunday Nite Social: Barb Snyder 571 (215), Ron Tibbens 715 (253); Wed. Night Ladies: Deb Gardner 511 (191); Thursday Night Men’s: Jim Horton 752; Jr/Sr Youth: Broklynn Dailey 458, Bella Splain 170, Nate Kolmel 535 (221); Saturday Prep Youth: Brooke Edkin 258 (96), Miller Knepley 280 (125). FAXON LANES: Sunday Night Mixed: JoAnne Clemontoni 554 (203), Jamie Register 733; Faxon Sport: Kellen Bonnell 687 (266); Walter Zeek Memorial: Brenda Welshans 619 (226), Chris Heisley 722 (266); Faxon Classic: Janaya Buck 632 (265), Alex Crist 712 (280); Susquehanna Health: Karla Anderson 587, JoAnne Bowman 226, Kyle Hunter 646, Tom Long 248; Wed. Ladies: Cheryl Martin 572 (204); Thursday Morning Mixed: Donna Ahrens 491 (180), Bret Nogle 700 (245); MIGHTY 8: Brenda Peterman 552, Kim Hoy 221, Mike Marino 681, Andrew Eiswerth 265; Diane Fox Memorial: Beau Vencenzes 780 (279); Noxaf: Donna Riedy 491 (201), Jim Shearer, Sr. 702 (257), Tom Burget 257; Retirees: Marilyn Kid 530, Shirley Harris 204, Tim Martin 689, Bob Bohner 259; Jr/Sr Youth: Kelson Bennett 617, Beckett Gilmore 221. HARVEST MOON LANES: Inter-community: Dave Briggs 754, Brad Pepperman 278; Andy Tressler Memorial: Marty Reeder 758 (258), Miek Shaffer 258; Three Man Major: George Walton 664, Kevin Kessler 238; Jr/Sr Youth: Emilie Winter 448, Ashlyn Robinson 194, Greg Drake 546 (206).

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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