Kegler’s Korner: Nov. 18

Richie Munro led the men last week with an 801 series in the Monday Night Classic League at Harvest Moon. Charles Arndt’s 300 game in the Intercommunity League (Harvest Moon) was matched by Mike Shaffer in the Andy Tressler Memorial League. Brenda Brownawell bowled the ladies’ high triple with a 633 in the Wed Night Ladies (Faxon), while Karla Anderson’s 257 in the Walter Zeek Memorial League (Faxon) was the high women’s single.

Today we remember local Hall of Famer, Joe Piccolo. Born in 1913, Piccolo started his bowling career at the age of 35 and was perhaps the best bowler in the Association during the 1950’s, when he posted the best seasonal average in the Association for five consecutive seasons, an association record which would not be broken until 1983. Joe’s 209 seasonal average in 1960 established a new Association high average record, which would not be broken until 1971. In 1957, Piccolo rolled an 801 series, the second 800 series ever bowled in the local association, and the first since 1938. He was elected to the local Association Hall of Fame in 1970.

High scores from other Leagues last week:

FAXON LANES: Sunday Night Mixed: Tim Trescott 709, Alex Crist 258, JoAnne Clemontoni 573 (227); Faxon Sport: Tom Gower 730 (289); Walter Zeek Memorial: Chris Heisley 706 (258), Karla Anderson 629; Faxon Classic: Bret Nogle 716, Chuck Wannop 257, Gay Harris 596 (214); Susquehanna Health: Joe Szczechowski 672 (269), Karla Anderson 601 (238), Samantha Klowas 601; Wed. Ladies: Joey Heller 239; Thursday Morning Mixed: Bret Nogle 694, Bob Bohner 249, Brenda Brownawell 592, Barb Steppe 224; MIGHTY 8: David Briggs 692 (268), Karen VanKuren 537, Donna Fox 216; Diane Fox Memorial: Eric Sagan 729 (269); Noxaf: Keegan Tait 734 (269), Donna Riedy 481, Gerry Sergfried 184; Retirees: Bob Heinbach 716 (268), Jeannie Eiswerth 525, Shirley Harris198; Jr/Sr Youth: Kaleb Badger 544, Kelson Bennett 207, Elizabeth Coffey 487 (189). HARVEST MOON LANES: Monday Night Classic: Mike Reamsnyder 289; Inter-community: Steve Eyer 747; Andy Tressler Memorial: Mike Shaffer 768; Three Man Major: Anthony Neuer 646, Dave Miller 257; Jr/Sr Youth: Hunter Baker 543 (232), Ashlyn Robinson 381, Emilie Winter 150. ABC LANES: Sunday Nite Social: Justin Edkin 696, Mike Warzel 255, Sarah Witmoyer 581 (214); Wed. Night Ladies: Alice Hanna 540 (211); Thursday Night Men’s: Cosy Daldo 682, Taylor Smith 258; Jr/Sr Youth: Nathan Dailey 557 (202), Karima Beckett 521 (209); Saturday Prep Youth: Dylan Titus 304 (127), Brooke Edkin 197 (70).

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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