Golf tip of the week: Offseason grip check

PHOTO PROVIDED Work on your grip in the offseason.

The offseason is a great time to work on the most crucial element of your swing: the grip.

Watch the professionals on the television, notice how comfortable they are when gripping a golf club. The hands are relaxed and perfectly placed. In fact, the club appears to be part of their body.

Many amateurs could improve their grip by just simply holding a club in the hands as much as possible until it feels comfortable. Grip the club with the fingers, much like you would hold a hammer. Place a club where it is easy to pick up, perhaps in the corner of your den.

The Vs formed by the index finger and thumb should point toward the right shoulder area, or the left shoulder for the left-hand golfer.

To correct a slice, the Vs of the top hand should point more to the back shoulder.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, golf author and professional, owns Musselman’s Golf in Williamsport.


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