Kegler’s Korner; Dec. 9

For the third time this season, Amanda and John Heck turned in the high female and male series of the week. Amanda’s 704 in the Monday Night Classic League at Harvest Moon was followed closely by Alicia Edkin’s 702 in the Intercommunity League the next night. That league also saw Lisa Miller roll a 276 as the high ladies’ game of the week. John Heck threw his men’s leading series of 790 in the Intercommunity League. In the Diane Fox Memorial League at Faxon, Beau Vincenzes bowled a 299, the top men’s game of the week.

High scores from other Leagues last week:

FAXON LANES: Sunday Night Mixed: Betty McNett 542/200, Peter Strut 722, Duane Forrest 278; Faxon Sport: Daniel Splain 719/278; Walter Zeek Memorial: JoAnne Bowman 597/243, Frank Smith 707, Derick Neyhart 256; Faxon Classic: Janaya Buck 638, Noreen Smith 244, Trevor Stugart 738/290; Susquehanna Health: JoAnne Bowman 537/202, Jeremy Strouse 686, Joe Szczechowski 258; Wednesday Ladies: Brenda Brownawell 665/256; Thursday Morning Mixed; Brenda Brownawell 547, Darena Follmer 203, Noah Whitesell 711, Al Cook 265; Mighty 8: Kayla Eiswerth 573/203, Mike Marino 743, Andrew Eiswerth 278; Diane Fox Memorial: Chelsea Morgan 660, Beau Vincenzes 732; Noxaf: Gerry Siegfried 469, Donna Reidy 180, Robert Walters 647/255; Jr/Sr Youth: Elizabeth Coffey 479, Natalie Whitesell 172, Kyle Ferguson 624/258. HARVEST MOON LANES: Monday Night Classic: Keith Buck 773; Inter-community: Brandon Koser 290; Andy Tressler Memorial; Kevin Lovell 726, Pat Eckman 269; Three Man Major: Shawn Pepperman 715, Randy Drake 253. ABC LANES: Sunday Nite Social: Sara Whitmoyer 559/193, Rob Walters 645/235; Louie Paulamus Memorial: Christie Bashista 579/199, Matt Bashista 699/257; Jr/Sr Youth: Brooklynn Dailey 485, Bella Splain 170, Ben Schmouder 564/191; Sat. Prep Youth: Brooke Edkin 279/100, Dylan Titus 346/139.

Did you know the world’s largest bowling center is the Inasawa Grand Bowl in Inasawa City, Japan with 116 consecutive lanes. The largest of all time is the Tokyo World Lanes Bowling Center, with 512 lanes divided among several centers in one building.

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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