Williamsport boys, girls sweep Green Dragons in swimming

BRETT R. CROSSLEY/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Williamsport’s Mallory Pardoe swims the backstroke during the 200 IM as the Millionaires competed against Lewisburg on Tuesday at Williamsport.

Mallory Pardoe has become a standout on the Williamsport swimming and diving team.

She receives lots cheers when introduced for races. She also carries the expectations that come with being a popular swimmer who has reached states.

She embraces the challenges and looked outstanding Tuesday night as Williamsport took on Lewisburg for an early season dual meet as Williamsport won in both girls (110-76) and boys (92-78) competition.

Pardoe, who was nicknamed “the torpedo” by her teammates, helped Williamsport to its first top finish as she won the 200 IM. She finished with a time of 2:21.73. She beat out Lewisburg’s Jewels Hepner (2:27.33) and Williamsport’s Ella Meckely (2:40.66), who finished second and third, respectively.

“This gives us a baseline of our times and what we want to stick around and drop from throughout the season,” Pardoe said. “This was a good meet for all of us, because they pushed us. It sets us up for a season of success.”

Pardoe also took on the field in the 100 fly, which started right after the 1-meter diving competition in the middle of the meet. Pardoe, after a brief warmup in the pool, looked good once again as she competed hard against Delaney Humphrey.

Pardoe’s opening lap of 28.70 for the 100 fly was the fastest in the race by two seconds. She beat out Humphrey, who finished second to Pardoe’s 1:00.95 with a final time of 1:05.94.

Jack Beattie competed on the boy’s side of the 100 fly. It was a close race after the first turn as all three competitors matched each other’s time. Beattie managed to pull away after the final turn as he closed out with a 58.26. He also finished second in diving.

Matthew Beard was the main standout for Williamsport on the boy’s side of the event. He assisted with the anchor swim on the 200 medley relay. He then went on to win the 50 free with a time of 22.39.

Amy Jarvis might have had the most difficult turnaround of any competitor as she swam in both the 500 free and the 100 backstroke. The two races were separated by just a few minutes, which gave Jarvis little time to cool down and get ready for a different stroke.

Her dominant stroke is the freestyle and she proved it with a strong showing that got her a top finish. She cleared the field with a 5:46.06. She then watched her teammates compete in the 200 free relay before hitting the water for the 100 back, which she won with a time of 1:07.24.

“Freestyle is my main stroke,” Jarvis said. “I was so tired. I was actually telling the girl next to me she was the reason I did so well in the 500.”

Once both swimmers made their final turn one of the judges blasted the horn to signal the end of the race. Swimmers from both sides cheered as the race came down to an outstretched hand that gave Jarvis a slim victory over Decker with a 5:46.06.

“After the first 150 I was ready to give up,” Jarvis said. “I saw her and we were both like alright let’s go faster. I could just see it in her. We both did our best times. It was amazing.”

Jack Drouin will be a force for Lewisburg as it contends for postseason times throughout the season. He looked the part Tuesday as he topped the field in the 200 IM with a 2:32.18. The next closest swimmer was Williamsport’s Noah Marzo, who finished with a 2:42.26.

“It’s a fun way to gauge where you are at the beginning of the season,” Drouin said. “Race a team early on that you know has good competition. It’s also fun, because I know some of the guys on the other team. It’s casual, but hard at the same time.”

Drouin also kicked of the meet for the boys as he opened the 200 medley relay for Lewisburg. He got the Dragons off to a good pace early as they closed out the first relay. Williamsport’s group of Devin Shank, Riley Hockman, Jack Beattie, and Matthew Beard rallied to win the event with a final time of 1:46.53. Beard went on to claim the top finish in the 50 free with a time of 22.39.

“I’m right around where I suspected I would be,” Drouin said. “There’s definitely a lot of improvement to be had, but definitely on track to get some of the goals I set for myself.”

Girls Results

Williamsport 110, Lewisburg 76

200 medley relay: 1. Lewisburg (Jewels Hepner, Alexandra Decker, Delaney Humphrey, Anna Batkowski), 1:58.44. 200 free: 1. Delaney Humphrey (L), 2:04.61; 2. Isabelle Griswold (W), 2:08.11; 3. Sydney Hemphrey (W), 2:11.70. 200 IM: 1. Mallory Pardoe (W), 2:21.73; 2. Jewels Hepner (L), 2:27.33; 3. Ella Meckley (W), 2:40.66. 50 free: 1. Anna Batkowski (L), 26.33; 2. Lydia Smith (W), 26.95; 3. Laila Robertson (W), 28.09. 1-meter diving: 1. Kassie McTammany (L), 160.60; 2. Lydia Missigman (W), 153.85; 3. Adelia Engel (W), 148.65; 100 fly: 1. Mallory Pardoe (W), 1:00.95; 2. Delaney Hemphrey (L), 1:05.94; 3. Laila Robertson (W), 1:46.62. 100 free: 1. Anna Batkowski (L), 57.63; 2. Isabelle Griswold (W), 58.28; 3. Sydney Kelley (W), 58.41. 500 free: 1. Amy Jarvis (W), 5:46.06; 2. Alexandra Decker (L), 5:47.39; 3. Cecilia Fink (W), 6:08.87. 200 free relay: Williamsport (Mallory Pardoe, Elisa Dinicola, Isabelle Griswold, Lydia Smith), 1:45.28. 100 back: 1. Amy Jarvis (W), 1:07.24; 2. Jewels Hepner (L), 1:07.39; 3. Ella Meckley (W), 1:17.86. 100 breast: 1. Alexandra Decker (L), 1:14.87; 2. Sarah Waltz (W), 1:22.03; 3. Hannah Castellan (L), 1:22.33. 400 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Mallory Pardoe, Isabelle Griswold, Sydney Kelley, Lydia Smith), 3:59.37.

Boys Results

Williamsport 92,

Lewisburg 78

200 medley relay: 1. Williamsport (Devon Shank, Riley Hockman, Jack Beattie, Matthew Beard), 1:46.53. 200 free: 1. Thomas Haynos (L), 2:03.57; 2. Brodey Persun (W), 2:31.17; 3. Jaden Rankinen (W), 2:35.30. 200 IM: 1. Jack Drouin (L), 2:32.18; 2. Noah Marzo (W), 2:42.26; 3. Justin Fulmer (W), 2:54.34. 50 free: 1. Matthew Beard (W), 22.39; 2. Vaughn Holthus (L), 25.78; 3. Braden Davis (L), 26.37. 1-meter diving: 1. Hunter Grimes (L), 230.35; 2. Jack Beattie (W), 227.10; 3. Caleb Leaman (L), 225.25; 100 fly: 1. Jack Beattie (W), 58.26; 2. Mitchell Malusis (L), 59.74; 3. Ross Flerlage (W), 1:03.88. 100 free: 1. Vaughn Holthus (L), 58.74; 2. Braden Davis (L), 1:02.50; 3. Thomas Hetherington (L), 1:04.87. 500 free: 1. Devon Shank (W), 5:52.93; 2. Thomas Haynos (L), 5:53.27. 200 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Matthew Beard, Devon Shank, Riley Hockman, Ross Flerlage), 1:38.00. 100 back: (not avaialble). 100 breast: 1. Riley Hockman (W), 1:08.70; 2. Thomas Hetherington (L), 1:29.50; 3. Sage Koch (W), 1:32.32. 400 free relay: 1. Williamsport (Matthew Beard, Riley Hockman, Ross Flerlage, Jack Beattie), 3:37.83.


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