Golf tip of the week: Utilizing the big muscles

PHOTO PROVIDED The interior muscles of the arms and legs should be more firm than the rest of the muscles.

All great golfers utilize the larger muscles to stay connected throughout the swing. The terminology of “staying connected” doesn’t mean tense.

A golfer can be connected and relaxed at the same time. Ben Hogan talked about the golf swing being an inside muscle game. What he meant was the interior muscles of the arms and legs should feel slightly firmer than the other muscles.

Try pushing the elbows and knees toward each other at the address position. You should feel the insides of the legs and arms firm up, and the upper arms should feel connected to the upper ribcage, which is connection.

The elbows should stay the same distance apart from start to finish.

Pushing the knees together will create a slight pressure on the insides of both feet, promoting proper balance throughout the swing. Similar to riding skis, or shooting a foul shot in basketball.

Don’t forget to enjoy this great game called golf.

Rick Musselman, golf author, and professional operates Musselman’s Golf in Williamsport.


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