Kegler’s Korner: Jan. 13

The male and female high series last week were produced by teammates Dave Miller and Alicia Edkins in the Intercommunity League. Miller fired an 824 and Edkin shot a 714, including a 279 game thar took the honors for women’s high game of the week. Tim Day shot his third 300 of the season in the Monday Night Classic League, where Brandon Koser also rolled a perfect game.

High scores from other Leagues last week:

ABC LANES: Sunday Night Social: Tim Stahl 644/258, Sarah Whitmoyer 568/211. HARVEST MOON LANES: Monday Night Classic: Tim Day 775; Intercommunity: Brad Pepperman 296; Andy Tressler Memorial: Dave Gregory 692, Shane Reeder 276; Three Man Major: Dave Miller 615, Becky Zondory 244: Youth: Greg Drake 566, Hunter Baker 217, Emilie Winter 492/178. FAXON LANES: Sunday Night Mixed: Joel McNett 756, Alex Crist 266, Christine Covey 526, JoAnne Clementoni 204; Faxon Sport: James King 736, Thurman McLean 285; Walter Zeek Memorial: Chris Heisley 675, Ken Ackley 252, Karla Anderson 596, Cristin Kiper 221; Faxon Classic: Logan Burkett 756, Beau Vincenzes 280, Janaya Buck 619, Gay Harris 227; Susquehanna Health: Erik Springer 676, Jeremy Strouse 258, Lacey Hunter 592/229; Wednesday Night Ladies: Brenda Brownawell 548, Beckey Hibschman 212; Thursday Morning Mixed: John Grant 651/258, Donna Ahrens 523, Barb Steppe 204; Mighty 8: Brian Eiswerth 690/290, Kim Hoy 609, Kelly Eiswerth 230; Diane Fox Memorial: Dave Zimmerman 771, Chuck Wannop 278, Chelsea Morgan 553/208; Noxaf: Ron Walters 691/268, Donna Reidy 499, Gerry Siegried 186; Retirees: Tim Martin 727, Tom Gower 258, Brenda Brownawell 586/234; Jr/Sr Youth: Noah Dunlap 605/224, Kyle Ferguson 224, Julia Mertes 486/175.

Today we remember 1991 Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Kawa, who demonstrated great sportsmanship on the lanes, always congratulating teammates and opponents alike for a good shot or a great score. In the 1950’s, Mike won a high annual series award and a Bowler of the Year Title. In 1992, at the age of 71, Kawa became the oldest bowler in the county association to roll a 300 game. After losing that title in the mid 1990’s, Mike recaptured it in 2004, with another 300 at the age of 84. The secret to Mike’s success was most likely his smooth straightforward delivery, which enabled him to continue to bowl well, long after many of his contemporaries had slumped to much lower averages.

Hope to see you on the lanes.

*NOTE: This edition of Kegler’s Korner did not make the Monday morning print edition due to alotted space. You will find it on the Tuesday morning edition.


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