Montoursville goes 5-0 to win Flynn Propane Duals

CHRIS MANNING/Sun-Gazette Correspondent Montoursville’s Broc Lutz tries to turn Horseheads’ Zach Levey during Saturday’s bout at 126 pounds at Towanda’s Flynn Propane Duals. Montoursville went 5-0 to win the championship.

TOWANDA — For a moment, Isaac Cory was staring at the lights on the ceiling of Towanda’s gymnasium. In a match he absolutely had to win to give Montoursville a shot at a key win against state-ranked Port Allegany, getting hit in a lateral drop early in the first period wasn’t exactly part of the sophomore’s plan.

But the returning state qualifier didn’t panic. Even in the moment he knew if he could just find his way off his back against the Gators’ Isaiah DeBockler, he had plenty of time to work for a win. Cory managed to get off his back and moments later hit a five-point move of his own before scoring a fall.

It was one of five impressive wins for Cory on Saturday afternoon at the Flynn Propane Duals. He came back from a six-point deficit to beat a state-ranked wrestler against West Scranton and defeated a previously undefeated wrestler from Horseheads (N.Y.) in the title match as Montoursville went 5-0 to win the tournament championship.

The Warriors defeated West Scranton (45-30), 17th-ranked Port Allegany (41-39), Central Columbia (67-2), Towanda (56-18) and Horseheads (43-30). North Penn-Liberty went 0-5, finishing last in the eight-team field.

On a day which saw Montoursville put together a total team effort to put together its five wins, Cory found himself in some of the biggest spots for the Warriors. And with each test presented to him, Cory passed with flying colors.

“He never got frazzled,” Montoursville coach Matt Yonkin said. “Guys like him, they don’t let that stuff get to them and they stay focused and they stay in the match and keep fighting their way back. They never panic, and that was big for him (Saturday).”

That Cory could put together this kind of day should not be surprising. He’s ranked 22nd in the state at 160 pounds and was a state qualifier as a freshman a year ago at Troy. But since transferring to Montoursville in the summer, he finished fifth at the season-opening Top Hat, he went 1-2 at the Powerade last week, and entered Saturday with just a 6-4 record.

But he showed the talent and resiliency Saturday which made him a state qualifier a year ago in a weight which featured current teammate Cael Crebs. When he was down against AAA 20th-ranked Garrett Walsh of West Scranton, he methodically worked his way back into the bout until he scored a takedown with 1 minute, 12 seconds left to tie the bout. And he followed that by exposing Walsh’s back to the mat for two near-fall points with 2 seconds to go for a 9-7 win.

When DeBockler hit that lateral drop for five points with Montoursville trailing 39-29 with two bouts to go, he got one big move to make up the deficit, then worked for bonus points. His fall against DeBockler in 2:51 was just his second this year and sixth of his career. But it came at the perfect time as it set up Cael Crebs for a chance to win the match in the final bout, which he did with a fall in 1:52.

Against Central Columbia district qualifier Troy Johnson, Cory grinded out a 5-1 win. And in the championship match, he dominated unbeaten O’Connell even in a 4-0 win.

“I haven’t wrestled like that since last year,” Cory said. “I just put it all together. It’s the best I’ve wrestled yet. I finally put my head on straight and it just happened.”

“This is exactly what we were hoping to get from him and, quite honestly, if we hope to make any kind of run as a team, that’s the Isaac Cory we need. That’s what he’ll be hearing from me all week because it’s what we need.”

Montoursville was also boosted Saturday by the return of former state qualifier Dylan Bennett, who missed the first month of the season with a broken thumb he suffered in November in the Warriors state playoff football game against Wyoming Area. Competing with a wrap on his left hand to stabilize the thumb, Bennett went 5-0 with four falls and a forfeit.

He helped form a brutal run of upper weight wrestlers for the Warriors. Cory was 5-0 at 160, Cael Crebs was 5-0 with four falls at 170, Bennett was 5-0, and Cameron Wood was named the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler after going 5-0 with five first-period falls.

Montoursville also got a win from Will Carson at heavyweight in his only bout. Caleb Moser went 1-2 at 195, including an upset of state-ranked Clay Watkins of Towanda. Lane Stutzman went 3-1 with a pair of falls.

Add in Broc Lutz’s dominant fall against 11th-ranked Braeden Johnson of Port Allegany, and it was easy to see why Yonkin called yesterday’s tournament title a complete team effort. The Warriors got wins from everywhere they expected them – third-ranked Branden Wentzel went 5-0 at 106 pounds – and a number of places it didn’t expect them – James Batkowski upsetting Isaac Kester of Central Columbia.

And all together, it made up the kind of performance which is likely going to get Montoursville noticed when the next set of state dual-meet rankings are released by PA Power Wrestling.

“I feel like we made a big statement,” Batkowski said. “Right now we’re set on going to team states and trying to succeed there. I think we can beat a lot of good teams this year, and I think we showed we can come out here and dominate.”



Final standings: 1, Montoursville; 2, Horseheads (NY); 3, Port Allegany; 4, Towanda; 5, West Scranton; 6, Western Wayne; 7, Central Columbia; 8, North Penn-Liberty.

West Scranton 63,

North Penn-Liberty 15

220: Joel Tricoche, WS, by forfeit. 285: Shannon Core, WS, pinned Logyn Choplosky, 3:41. 106: Roger Learn, NP, pinned Jacob Kizer, 0:35. 113: Austin Fashouer, WS, pinned Braydon Garverick, 1:02. 120: Aiden Kologe, WS, dec. Coy Wagner, 5-1. 126: Patriot June, NP, dec. Martin Turi, 5-1. 132: Joseph Harris, WS, by forfeit. 138: Anthony Caramanno, WS, by forfeit. 145: Gaven Saxauer, NP, pinned Maxwell Derosier, 4:38. 152: Raphael Carvalho, WS, by forfeit. 160: Garrett Walsh, WS, pinned Mitchael Tice, 1:03. 170: John Fuller, WS, pinned Kohen Lehman, 4:33. 182: John Walsh, WS, by forfeit. 195: Cameron Butka, WS, by forfeit.

Western Wayne 46,

North Penn-Liberty 24

182: Double forfeit. 195: Double forfeit. 220: Tom Flood, WW, by forfeit. 285: Jack McAllister, WW, maj. Logyn Choplosky, 12-2. 106: Roger Learn, NP, pinned Kelton Slifko, 1:18. 113: Nicolas Arcadipane, WW, pinned Braydon Garverick, 0:39. 120: Coy Wagner, NP, pinned Nathan Koch, 3:03. 126: Patriot June, NP, pinned Ray Polhill, 5:59. 132: Caleb Barletta, WW, by forfeit. 138: Nico DuBeau, WW, by forfeit. 145: Gaven Sexauer, NP, by forfeit. 152: Matthew Leslie, WW, pinned Tyler Pequignot, 1:33. 160: George Lee, WW, pinned Mitchael Tice, 1:07. 170: Alex Hollister, WW, pinned Kohen Lehman, 1:32.

Horseheads 66,

North Penn-Liberty 18

195: Jared Moore, H, by forfeit. 220: Gannon Johnston, H, by forfeit. 285: Logyn Choplosky, NP, pinned Brody Jacobs, 0:39. 106: Roger Learn, NP, pinned Ryan Massengale, 1:41. 113: Coy Wagner, NP, pinned Tommy Dale, 2:37. 120: Cael Owen, H, pinned Braydon Garverick, 2:55. 126: Zach Levey, H, pinned Patriot June, 0:51. 132: Calumn Houper, H, by forfeit. 138: Louie Menard, H, by forfeit. 145: Selfino Menard, H, pinned Gaven Saxauer, 1:12. 152: Jake Scibek, H, by forfeit. 160: Jarrett O’Connell, H, pinned Kohen Lehman, 2:45. 170: Jack Massengale, H, pinned Mitchael Tice, 3:33. 182: Allen Walker, H, by forfeit.

Central Columbia 53,

North Penn-Liberty 23

285: Alex Eveland, CC, maj. Logyn Choplosky, 9-0. 106: Roger Learn, NP, tech. Marcus Long, 17-0, 3:37. 113: Braydon Garverick, NP, pinned Dylan Toledo, 1:11. 120: Coy Wagner, NP, by forfeit. 126: Colton Chipeleski, CC, maj. Patriot June, 13-5. 132: PJ O’Connell, CC, by forfeit. 138: Isaac Kester, CC, by forfeit. 145: Jesvin Mathew, CC, dec. Gaven Sexauer, 7-2. 152: Madison Kester, CC, by forfeit. 160: Troy Johnson, CC, pinned Mitchael Tice, 1:46. 170: Kohen Lehman, NP, by forfeit. 182: Dylan Devlin, CC, by forfeit. 195: Spencer Ross, CC, by forfeit. 220: Logan McWilliams, CC, by forfeit.

Towanda 51,

North Penn-Liberty 19

170: Spencer Jennings, T, dec. Mitchael Tice, 5-3. 182: Lacin Terry, T, by forfeit. 195: Clay Watkins, T, by forfeit. 220: Aaron Herlt, T, by forfeit. 285: Alex Perez, T, dec. Logyn Choplosky, 9-2. 106: Roger Learn, NP, pinned Shane Atwood, 0:55. 113: Braydon Garverick, NP, maj. Mykee Nowell, 10-2. 120: Tyler Hawley, T, dec. Coy Wagner, 7-3. 126: Patriot June, NP, pinned Garrett Chapman, 1:50. 132: Wyatt Delamater, T, by forfeit. 138: Skyler Allen, T, by forfeit. 145: Joe Vanderpool, T, pinned Gaven Saxauer, 5:57. 152: Evan Johnson, T, pinned Tyler Pequignot, 0:48. 160: Kohen Lehman, NP, dec. Will Bowen, 14-8.

Montoursville 45,

West Scranton 30

170: No. 5 Cael Crebs, M, pinned John Fuller, 0:40. 182: Dylan Bennett, M, pinned John Walsh, 0:31. 195: No. 20 Cameron Butka, WS, pinned Gavin Livermore, 2:39. 220: No. 4 Cameron Wood, M, pinned Joel Tricoche, 1:18. 285: Will Carson, M, pinned Shannon Core, 5:58. 106: No. 3 Branden Wentzel, M, pinned Jacob Kizer, 1:03. 113: No. 16 Austin Fashouer, WS, pinned Cole Johnson, 2:21. 120: Martin Turi, WS, dec. Lucas Sherwood, 6-4. 126: Broc Lutz, M, pinned Aiden Kologe, 3:40. 132: Anthony Caramanno, WS, pinned Xan Oberheim, 2:48. 138: James Batkowski, M, pinned Joseph Harris, 0:54. 145: Randy Bonitz, WS, dec. Emery Balint, 12-9. 152: Raphael Carvalho, WS, pinned Zach Barnes, 1:35. 160: No. 22 Isaac Cory, M, dec. No. 20 Garrett Walsh, 9-7.

Montoursville 41,

Port Allegany 39

182: Dylan Bennett, M, pinned Dalton Distrola, 3:44. 195: Derek Kallenborn, PA, pinned Gavin Livermore, 1:41. 220: Lane Stutzman, M, by forfeit. 285: No. 4 Cameron Wood, M, pinned Owen Roboski, 0:16. 106: No. 3 Branden Wentzel, M, tech. fall No. 23 Chase Weimer, 19-5, 5:02. 113: No. 5 Bryent Johnson, PA, pinned Cole Johnson, 3:15. 120: Scott Fuller, PA, pinned Lucas Sherwood, 5:20. 126: Broc Lutz, M, pinned No. 11 Braedon Johnson, 4:55. 132: Isaiah Caden, PA, pinned Xan Oberheim, 3:23. 138: Eli Petruzzi, PA, dec. James Batkowski, 9-4. 145: Montgomery Tanner, PA, pinned Emery Balint, 5:25. 152: Taro Tanaka, PA, pinned Zach Barnes, 1:10. 160: No. 22 Isaac Cory, M, pinned Ethan DeBockler, 2:51. 170: No. 5 Cael Crebs, M, pinned Isaak Baumgarner, 1:52.

Montoursville 67,

Central Columbia 2

195: Caleb Moser, M, pinned Spencer Ross, 3:46. 220: No. 4 Cameron Wood, M, pinned Logan McWilliams, 0:46. 285: Alex Eveland, CC, dec. Lane Stutzman, 3-0. 106: No. 3 Branden Wentzel, M, pinned Marcus Long, 1:50. 113: Cole Johnson, M, pinned Dylan Toledo, 1:37. 120: Lucas Sherwood, M, pinned Mason Yorty, 1:05. 126: Broc Lutz, M, dec. Colton Chipeleski, 6-2*. 132: Xan Oberheim, M, maj. dec. P.J. O’Connell, 12-2. 138: James Batkowski, M, dec. Isaac Kester, 8-6, sv. 145: Zach Barnes, M, pinned Madison Kester, 2:41. 152: Emery Balint, M, pinned Jesvin Matthew, 2:37. 160: No. 22 Isaac Cory, M, dec. Troy Johnson, 5-1. 170: No. 5 Cael Crebs, M, by forfeit. 182: Dylan Bennett, M, pinned Dylan Devlin, 3:34.

* – Central Columbia penalized one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct on the bench

Montoursville 56,

Towanda 18

220: Lane Stutzman, M, pinned Aaron Herlt, 4:16. 285: No. 4 Cameron Wood, M, pinned Alex Perez, 0:46. 106: No. 3 Branden Wentzel, M, pinned Dalton Lunn, 0:20. 113: Tyler Hawley, T, dec. Cole Johnson, 8-7. 120: Lucas Sherwood, M, pinned MyKee Nowell, 0:53. 126: Broc Lutz, M, pinned Garrett Chapman, 0:33. 132: Wyatt Delamater, T, pinned Xan Oberheim, 1:14. 138: James Batkowski, M, dec. Skyler Allen, 13-7. 145: Joe Vanderpool, T, dec. Emery Balint, 10-7. 152: Evan Johnson, T, pinned Zach Barnes, 0:19. 160: No. 22 Isaac Cory, M, tech. fall Will Bowen, 15-0, 2:32. 170: No. 5 Cael Crebs, M, pinned Spencer Jennings, 0:30. 182: Dylan Bennett, M, by forfeit. 195: Caleb Moser, M, pinned No. 23 Clay Watkins, 5:35.


Montoursville 43, Horseheads 30

285: Lane Stutzman, M, pinned Brody Jacobs, 0:26. 106: No. 3 Branden Wentzel, M, pinned Ryan Massengale, 1:01. 113: Cody Dale, H, pinned Cole Johnson, 1:16. 120: Lucas Sherwood, M, maj. dec. Cael Owen, 15-4. 126: Zach Levey, H, dec. Broc Lutz, 6-0. 132: Calum Houper, H, dec. Xan Oberheim, 4-0. 138: James Batkowski, M, pinned Louie Menard, 1:39. 145: Serfino Menard, H, pinned Emery Balint, 1:39. 152: Jake Scibek, H, pinned Zach Barnes, 0:58. 160: No. 22 Isaac Cory, M, dec. Jarrett O’Connell, 4-0. 170: No. 5 Cael Crebs, M, pinned Ben Massengale, 0:17. 182: Dylan Bennett, M, pinned Allan Walker, 0:45. 195: Jared Moore, H, pinned Caleb Moser, 0:52. 220: No. 4 Cameron Wood, M, pinned Gannon Johnston, 0:26.


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