Williamsport driver wins at Hidden Valley Speedway

At Hidden Valley Speedway, two features were decided on the scales rather than the track, giving one driver his first win of the season and another his third in a row. Ginter’s Josh Jacoby (semi-late models), Blandburg’s Bill Phillips (street stocks) and Williamsport’s Rob Williams (Little’s Auto Sales four cylinders) all won Saturday.

Williams was followed in the race in order by Don Betres, Larry Conklin Jr., Darrin Thompson and Eric Luzier as the Top 5 finishers.

Repeat winners included Johnstown’s Billy Eash (super late models), Strattonville’s Kyle Fink (small block modifieds) and Duncansville’s Brad Benton (pure stocks).

Jeff Rine won at Selinsgrove Speedway in Saturday’s late-model national open and as such, took the series point lead in the North vs. South competition with five races remaining for the 2020 series. Rine, nicknamed “The Danville Dominator,” outran Rick Eckert, Gregg Satterlee, Jason Cover and Audy Haus for the win.

Dylan Yoder won the limited-late model race by 1.919 seconds over Troy Miller, Todd Snook, Jared Fulkroad and Devin Hart. Brad Mitch won his first roadrunner main of the year, besting Jake Jones. It was Mitch’s 26th career win, tying him with Bob Bussey on the Selinsrove’s all-time roadrunner win list for second place.


Super-late models: 1. Billy Eash; 2. Joe Petyak, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. John Wayne Weaver, 5. Dylan Fenton. Semi-late models: 1. Josh Jacoby; 2. Rich Wicker, 3. Gary Little, 4. Tom Decker, 5. Rick Strong. Small-block modifieds: 1. Kyle Fink; 2. Todd English, 3. Aaron Casher, 4. Jerry Bowser, 5. Josh Henry. Street stocks: 1. Bill Phillips Jr., Blandburg; 2. Ray Reynolds, 3. Josh Retorick, 4. Chad Rouguex. Pure stocks: 1. Brad Benton,, 2. Justin Centra, 3. Joe Kephart. Little’s Auto Sales four cylinders: 1. Rob Williams; 2. Don Betres, 3. Larry Conklin Jr., 4. Darrin Thompson, 5. Eric Luzier.


Super late models (35 laps): 1. Jeff Rine; 2. Rick Eckert; 3. Gregg Satterlee; 4. Jason Covert; 5. Andy Haus. Limited-late models (20 laps): 1. Andrew Yoder; 2. Troy Miller; 3. Todd Snook; 4. Jared Fulkroad; 5. Devin Hart. Roadrunner (12 laps): 1. Brad Mitch; 2. Jake Jones; 3. Will Brunson; 4. Tom Underwood; 5. Johnny Palm.


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