Kegler’s Korner: New bowling season has started up (Sept. 14)

The new bowling season has started up, hopefully with enough social distancing and mask wearing to keep everyone safe. As an extra measure of precaution, the USBC has granted a special exception to Rule 18, which normally restricts the use of liquid cleaners to clean balls during competition.

For this bowling season only, bowlers will be allowed to apply isopropyl alcohol (aka rubbing alcohol) to balls any time they choose, thus providing more protection against transmitting COVID-19. The use of other cleaners or any other foreign substances during competition is still prohibited by Rule 18.

Last week, in the Andy Tressler Memorial League at Harvest Moon, Kevan Lovell rolled the first 300 game of the season on his way to a 757, the best male performance of the week. Brenda Brownawell led the women with a 653 series in the Thursday Morning Mixed League at Faxon, while Noreen Smith posted a 243 game in the Faxon Classic for the highest women’s single. Mike Pepperman fell two pins short of a perfect game with a 298 on the tough sports shot in the Three-Man Major League.

Following is a list of high scores from other Leagues as a composite of the first two weeks in some cases:

ABC: Sunday Night Social: Tiffany Tibbens 572, Justin Edkin 659, Chris McGee 258, Courtney Solomon 217; Wednesday Night Ladies: Dawn Cowher 550/210.

FAXON: Sunday Night Mixed: Christine Covey 498/189, Kevin Smith 674/248; Faxon Sport: Jeff Kita 674, Nick Wilcox 267; Walter Zeek Memorial: Karla Anderson 606/222, Jeremy Strouse 673/279; Faxon Classic: Noreen Smith 641/243, Trevor Stugart 686, Joey Chaya 268; Susquehanna Health: Stacy 559/224, Rod Furman 670/268; Wednesday Night Ladies: Mackenzie Martin 583/208; Thursday Morning Mixed: Noate Whitesell 645/235; Mighty 8: Kelly Floreno 554, Brian Eiswerth 694, Karren VanKurken 238; Mike Marino 277. Diane Fox Memorial: Kevin Fountain 661, Chuck Wannop 247. Noxaf: Donna Reidy 447/167; Dan Clark 619/244. Retirees: Brenda Brownawell 569, Bob Bohner 702/264, Payuline Durkee 224.

HARVEST MOON LANES: Intercommunity: Kevin Lovell 749, Pat Eckman 279. Three Man Major: Mike Pepperman 693.

Hope to see you on the lanes. Stay safe.


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