Central Mountain has 5 wrestlers qualify for the Northwest Regional tournament

Central Mountain crowned four district champions at the District 6 Class AAA tournament at Altoona High School on Friday night.

Luke Simcox (126 pounds), Griffin Walizer (145), Rocco Serafini (152) and Nik Miller (215) all won titles and advance to next week’s Northwest AAA regional tournament, as did Taylor Weaver who finished second at 138.

“I think everybody put forth a great effort who went out today. All the outcomes didn’t go our way, but I’m happy and proud of the effort everyone gave as far as coming away with the four district champs, that’s a good number,” Central Mountain coach Biff Walizer said. “It’s been a little while since we had that many, so pretty happy with that number. Would like to add a few more guys. Moving to next week, but with the conditions, they only take the top two, it was a difficult road to get there, but like I said I am happy with everyone’s effort today. Some of the kids like Gino Serafini who lost the first round. To get back to beat a guy who he lost to twice this season. Real proud of that effort.”

Simcox won at 126 with a 1-0 decision over State College’s Owen Woolcott. Simcox won by fall in just 49 seconds in the semifinals over Bellefonte’s Nathan Smith. Walizer won the 145 title with a 7-2 decision against Mifflin County’s Kyler Everly. Serafini earned a 6-5 decision victory at 152 over Altoona’s Adam Zerbee. He defeated State College’s Carter Weaverling in the semifinals by fall in 5 minutes, 25 seconds.

Weaver lost by fall in the 138 final to Altoona’s Matt Sarbo in 2:22.

At 215, Miller won by a decision, 2-1, in the semifinals against State College’s Ty Price before picking up a 9-1 major decision in the championship over Mifflin County’s Jaxson Pupo.

Coach Walizer said Miller showed resiliency after he was able to avenge last year’s loss.

“Nik Miller, he came back after a tough loss in the district finals last year in overtime to win his first district title as a senior, that was big,” Walizer said. “So proud of Nik, but yeah, another week to improve for those guys who are still coming back here next week, so see how that goes. Things get tougher every weekend.”

Central Mountain’s Clayton Foster, who was seeded third at 106 pounds, lost in the semifinals by decision, 6-1, to Bellefonte’s Garrett Choates.

Zane Cooper lost by decision, 7-0, at 120 pounds to Bellefonte’s Lane Aikey. Gino Serafini lost in the 132 quarterfinals by decision, 7-4. Damien Galentine lost in the 160 semifinals to Mifflin County’s Anson Wagner in 2:34. At 285, Central Mountain’s Gage Sutliff came up shy in the semifinals, losing by fall in 1:28 to State College’s Harrison Schoen.

Foster, Serafinin, Galentine and Sutliff all finished third in their respective weights.

Walizer was impressed with both Sutliff and Galentine.

“Gage Sutliff, Damien Galentine, guys who came up one win short. I’m real proud of those guys too. Just the guys going out and getting after it. They didn’t hold anything back,” Walizer said. “Win or lose, they were able to come off the mat without any regrets. So that’s what we preach and I think that’s what we saw out of most of the guys who went out there today. I like the fact that three of our district champs are freshmen, bodes well for our future.”


106: Quarterfinals: N. Horne, H, pinned M. Baney, SC, 1:10. Semifinals: C. Smith, J, pinned N. Horne, H, 0:42; G. Choates, Blf, dec. C. Foster, CM, 6-1. Final: C. Smith, J, tech fall G. Choates, Bft, 17-2 (5:59).

113: Quarterfinals: J. Campbell, SC, tech fall X. Adams, H, 17-2 (3:25); T. Smith, J, pinned E. Wisor, A, 1:12. Semifinals: N. Allison, MC, pinned J. Campbell, 0:36; A. O’Shea, Bft, dec. T. Smith, J, 4-2. Final: N. Allson, MC, dec. A. O’Shea, Bft, 6-0.

120: Quarterfinals: Z. Cooper, CM, dec. B. Weaverling, SC, 9-5. Semifinals: L. Aikey, Bft, dec. Z. Cooper, CM, 7-0; C. Fasick, A, pinned H. Johnson, MC, 3:01. Final: L. Aikey, Bft, maj. dec. C. Fasick, A, 10-2.

126: Quarterfinals: N. Smith, Bft, tech fall J. Carlucci, 16-0 (6:00); B. Aumiller, MC, dec. B. Praul, H, 9-3. Semifinals: L. Simcox, CM, pinned N. Smith, Bft, 0:49; O. Woolcott, SC, pinned B. Aumiller, MC, 3:14. Final: L. Simcox, CM, dec. O. Woolcott, SC, 1-0.

132: Quarterfinals: D. Schaeffer, MC, dec. G. Serafini, CM, 7-4; D. Finnegan, A, maj. dec. G. Rabenstein, H, 8-0; P. Manville, SC, pinned T. Jabs, J, 1:09. Semifinals: J. Swisher, Bft, pinned D. Schaeffer, MC, 1:27; P. Manville, SC, tech fall D. Finnegan, A, 18-1 (4:17). Final: P. Manville, SC, dec. J. Swisher, Bft, 2-1.

138: Quarterfinals: P. Kearns, MC, pinned D. Dann, Bft, 5:56; W. Tennity, SC, pinned W. Barnes, H, 5:12. Semifnials: M. Sarbo, A, pinned P. Kearns, MC, 1:59; T. Weaver, CM, tech fall W. Tennity, SC, 16-0 (4:00). Final: M. Sarbo, A, pinned T. Weaver, 2:22.

145: Quarterfinals: G. Long, Bft, pinned K. Martin, SC, 4:44; N. Burkey, H, pinned T. Aurand, J, 5:22. Semifinals: K. Everly, MC, pinned K. Martin, 0:45; G. Walizer, CM, def. N. Burkey. Final: G. Walizer, CM, dec. K. Everly, MC, 7-2.

152: Quarterfinals: J. Bomberger, J, dec. A. McChesney, Bft, 7-5; R. Serafini, CM, dec. J. Cunningham, MC, 9-7. Semifinals: A. Zerbee, A, dec. J. Bomberger, 5-1; R. Serafini, CM, pinned C. Weaverling, SC, 5:25. Final: R. Serafini, CM, dec. A. Zerbee, A, 6-5.

160: Quarterfinals: D. Galentine, CM, dec. G. Black, A, 5-1; A. Wagner, MC, pinned B. Newby, SC, 5:34. Semifinals: E. Richner, Bft, pinned D. Galentine, CM, 0:13; C. Walls, H, pinned A. Wagner, MC, 2:34. Final: E. Richner, Bft, pinned C. Walls, H, 3:05.

172: Quarterfinals: A. Sleeth, H, dec. C. Porter, CM, 3-0; S. Ivicic, Bft, pinned A. Kravetz, A, 1:12. Semifinals: T. Kibe, MC, tech fall A. Sleeth, H, 23-8 (4:07); L. Urbas, SC, tech fall S. Ivicic, Bft, 21-6 (5:50). Final: T. Kibe, MC, dec. L. Urbas, SC, 4-1.

189: Quarterfinals: T. Shoemaker, MC, pinned B. Blackwell, CM, 2:00; J. Keirn, A, dec. N. Epphimer, H, 4-0; C. Manville, SC, pinned J. Pacheco, J, 0:13. Semifinals: E. Rossman, Bft, maj. dec. T. Shoemaker, MC, 10-0; C. Manville, SC, pinned J. Keirn, A, 0:31. Final: C. Manville, SC, dec. E. Rossman, Bft, 5-4.

215: Quarterfinals: T. Price, SC, pinned J. Kauffman, 0:50; J. Pupo, MC, dec. C. Allmond, A, 4-2. Semifinals: N. Miller, CM, dec. T. Price, SC, 2-1; J. Pupo, MC, dec. M. Barrier ,Bft, 3-1. Final: N. Miller, CM, maj. dec. J. Pupo, MC, 9-1.

285: Semifinals: T. Manley, A, dec. A. Shawley, Bft, 5-1; H Schoen, SC, pinned G. Sutliff, CM, 1:28. Final: T. Manley, A, dec. H. Schoen, SC, 3-1.


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