Kegler’s Korner: Kevan Lovell rolls 800 series

Kevan Lovell made the first 800 of his career extra special when he bowled an 851 last week in the Monday Night Classic League. Improving each game, he churned out a 262, 289, and 300.

Joanne Bowman took top honors for the ladies, with a 625 series in the Walter Zeek Memorial. In the Sunday Night mixed League, Alex Crist matched Lovell’s perfect game on his way to an 804 series, while Robert Heinbach posted an 811 in the Thursday Morning Mixed League. Becky Zondory’s 245 in the Inter-community League was the highest female game for the week, as Dave Miller missed a 300 when he left a pin on his last ball for a 299 in that same league.

High Scores from other leagues last week.

FAXON: Sunday Night Mixed: Dawn Dehn 550/199; Faxon Sport: Willie Adams 777, Daniel Splain 279; Walter Zeek Memorial: Joanne Bowman 226, Robert Walters 706/269; Susquehanna Health: Denise Lariviere 597/227, Rod Furman 745, Erik Springer 268; Wednesday Ladies: Brenda Brownawell 557, Becky Hibschman 216; Thursday Morning Mixed: Jennifer McCulley 527, Brenda Brownawell 189, Robert Heinbach 288; Mighty 8: Kayla Eiswerth 553, Greg Laudenslager 715, Kelli Eiswerth 215, Mike Marino 256; Diane Fox Memorial: Beau Vincenzes 732, Doug Mayer 279; Retirees: Shirley Harris 558, Tom Gower 727/259, Marilyn Kidd 214; Jr./Sr. Youth: Elizabeth Coffey 448/164, Kelson Bennett 617/225.

HARVEST MOON: Inter-community: Dave Miller 793; Three-Man Major: Brandon Runk 756/276, Dave Miller 276; Youth: Ashlyn Robinson 530/216, Isaac Toner 626/257.

ABC: Sunday Night Social: Michelle Shade 537, Justin Edkin 669/244, Courtney Solomon 189; Wednesday Night Ladies: Bekka Gardner 565, Cristin Kiper 238; Thursday Night Men’s: Jim Horton 747/276, DeWayne Harris 276; Louie Paulhamus Memorial: Morgan Paulhamus 481/188, Gary Douty 716/290; Jr./Sr. Youth: Karima Beckett 516/193, Dade Splain 635/223; Prep Youth: Brooke Edkin 289/100, Miller Knepley 347/136, Emma Edkin 100.

Did you know that rule 15 of the USBC rule book prohibits a bowler who is participating in USBC competition from being involved in any gambling scheme which is in violation of any applicable law, where all or part of a score bowled determines the winner? Moreover, any scheme which entices a player to bowl beneath his or her ability is strictly prohibited.

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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