Kegler’s Korner: Karla Anderson rolls a 693 series

Karla Anderson became last week’s top woman bowler when she bowled 693 series in the Susquehanna Health League. In the Intercommunity League, Dewayne Harris shot an 807 to lead the men. Brenda Welshans’s 247 in the Walter Zeek Memorial League tied Anderson’s top game in her high series, as the high female game of the week, while Taylor Smith threw a 300 game in the Monday Night Classic League — beating out Kevin Smith’s 299 in the Susquehanna Health League — for the leading men’s game. Youth bowler Gavin Briggs rolled a 713 series on the strength of a 266 game in the Faxon Youth League.

High scores from other leagues last week:

FAXON: Sunday Night Mixed: Joanne Clementoni 478, Alex Crist 698, Dawn Dehn 199, Kevin Smith 256; Faxon Sport: Jeff Kita 731, Charles Marquette 279; Walter Zeek Memorial: Brenda Welshans 662, Chris Heisley 738/269; Susquehanna Health: Kevin Smith 713; Thursday Morning Mixed: Christine DeGarmo 551/234, Noah Whitesell 674/247; Mitey 8: Cristin Kiper 585/238, Brian Eiswerth 664, Andrew Eiswerth 240; Diane Fox Memorial: Chuck Wannop 682, Kevin Fountain 257; Noxaf: Donna Reidy 519, Tom Burget 712/256, Celeste Hohman 192; Retirees: Christine Covey 548, Chuck Marquette 632, Brenda Brownawell 207, James Danko 266; Jr./Sr. Youth: Elizabeth Coffey 510/181.

HARVEST MOON: Monday Night Classic: Cody Daldo 723; Intercommunity: DeWayne Harris 280; Andy Tressler Memorial: Justin Eberhart 692, Mark Neidig 258; Three Man Major: Luke Hedgcock 701, DeWayne Harris 257.

ABC: Sunday Night Social: Tiffany Tibbens 582/221, Charles Marquette 724/266; Wednesday Night Ladies: Cristin Kiper 551/213; Thursday Night Men’s: Jim Horton 681, Bret York 279; Louie Paulhamus Memorial: Morgan Paulhamus 457/194, Gary Douty 705/257; Jr./Sr. Youth: Bella Splain 503/184, Dada Splain 582/206, Amir Beckett 206; Prep Youth: Brooke Edkin 333/126, Miller Knepley 418/162.

Did you know the American Bowling Center, known locally as the ABC Lanes on Park Avenue, opened in 1941? With 16 alleys located on the first floor of a new building, the ABC Lanes became the largest set of alleys in the area and the first local establishment with bowling as its main attraction.

Prior to 1941, local bowling alleys were constructed primarily in basements, and primarily in sets of two or four lanes, as a side attraction to the main, existing business operations on other floors of existing buildings.

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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