Kegler’s Korner: Day, Pepperman take male honors; Karla Anderson has top female score

In last week’s action, Tim Day and Mike Pepperman tied for the top male series with an 805, both of which were bowled in the Monday Night Classic League. Close behind was Brad Pepperman with an 801 in the Intercommunity League. Karla Anderson’s 686 series in the Susquehanna Health League bested all the ladies.

Anderson fired a 279 game in that series to also take the top female game of the week. Brian Titus shot a 300 game in the Faxon Sport League, as did Day in his 805 series. After rolling a pair of 300s the week before, John Heck Jr. threw another perfect game last week in the Monday Night Classic and just missed one more the following night with a 299 in the intercommunity League.

Following are available high scores from local leagues last week:

HARVEST MOON: Three Man Major: DeWayne Harris 765, Ethan Russell 258.

ABC: Sunday Nite Social: Bryan Lake 664, Vickie Carpenter 556/203, Stephen Lepore 277.

FAXON: Faxon Sport: 1/10: Brian Titus 772; 1/17: Jeff Kita 676, Allen Reed 264; Faxon Classic: 1/11: Brandon Baysore 739, Matt DeSanto 279, Kara Anderson 247; 1/18: Karla Anderson 623, Duane Forrest 780, Cristin Kiper 220, Travis Betz 269; Susquehanna Health: 1/12: Pat Eckman 742/280; Wednesday Ladies: Cheryl Martin 588/235; Thursday Morning Mixed: 1/13: Noah Whitesell 708, Brenda Brownawell 552/210, Allen Spotts 257; 1/20: Judy Rowe 531/205, Pat Eckman 700, Scott Leinbach 259; Mitey 8: 1/13: Brian Eiswerth 672, Cristin Kiper 609/224, Chris Lebate 257; 1/20: Karin VanKuren 618/215, Mark Nogle 698/290; Diane Fox Memorial: 1/13: Beau Vincenzes 739, Doug Mayer 278; 1/20: Beau Vincenzes 745/279; Noxaf: 1/14: Karin Colucci 484/172, Keegan Tait 644/269; Retirees: 1/14: Walt Gibbs 672/248, Brenda Brownawell 580/218; 1/21: Brenda Brownawell 573/234, Tim Martin 688, John Lockcuff 259.

This week we remember Laura Chaya, who was inducted into the Williamsport Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1982. She started her bowling career in the late 1950s and was named the WWBA Bowler of the Year in 1963, 1964 and 1965, and won a Bowler of the Week title almost every year between 1960 and the early 1980s

A member of the local, state and national 600 clubs, Chaya was also a member of the Women’s Semi-Professional Bowling Organization and participated in its tournaments. Her women’s team made history in 1964-65 when it won the championship in a men’s league – when her 652 triple broke the lane record at Muncy Bowl Arena. As a co-owner of a bowling establishment, Chaya was a promoter and teacher of bowling.

She served as President of the women’s association for the 1968-69 season, and was a delegate to the State Convention for four years.

Hope to see you on the lanes.


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