Montgomery wins Matness at the MACC wrestling tournament, 6 area wrestlers place first

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Conner Harer of Montgomery controls the action as he wrestles Juan Moya of Parkland in their match at 145 pounds during the Matness at the MACC tournament in Montgomery.

MONTGOMERY — While pinning his fourth straight opponent of the day, Conner Harer located his mother in the stands and waved to her.

“She was right in front of me. I was about two feet from her,” Harer said. “I was just having fun, so I thought I’d stop and make it fun like that.”

Harer didn’t just show the crowd he’s a solid multitasker. He showed there’s a reason why he’s the top-ranked 145-pounder in Pennsylvania.

With four of his five bouts won via pins, Harer improved to 25-0 on the year and earned the Outstanding Wrestler award at the Matness at the MACC tournament Saturday. The award is Harer’s third of the season in its category.

Behind Harer and three other first-place wrestlers, Montgomery won the tournament with 262 points. Parkland came in second place with 182 points. In the nine-team tournament, Jersey Shore placed sixth (88 points) and Wellsboro took ninth (52 points).

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Blake Snyder of Montgomery controls the action as he wrestles Carver Moyer of Salisbury Twp. HS at 120 pounds during the Matness at the MACC tournament in Montgomery Saturday.

“It’s very fun knowing a small school like us can not only go out and beat these AAA teams, but dominate,” Harer said. “It definitely shows who we are. We’re here to win and when we work, it definitely pays off.”

DAVE KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Brock Weiss of Jersey Shore High School ties up with Matthew Smith of Midd-West HS during their match at 120 pounds during the Matness at the MACC tournament in Montgomery Saturday.

Hunter Leet was the first medalist for the Red Raiders, having pinned three of his opponents at 126 while taking an 8-4 decision over Parkland’s Phoenix DelVecchio in the fifth and final round.

Like Harer, Leet added to the wealth of bonus points for Montgomery, creating more cushion in the team standings throughout the afternoon.

“That’s pretty big for the program,” Leet said on winning his home tournament. “It’s definitely going to promote the wrestling team throughout the town and definitely get some more people out.”

Standing atop the podium, Leet rocked a black 10-gallon hat, taking in the moment.

“I work on a farm and I’ve always dreamt of being a cowboy. This is one of my first tournaments I’ve taken first in my high school career, and I felt like it fit,” Leet said.

Leet and Harer were joined by Coy Bryson (152) and Devon Deem (160) in the first-place column. Bryson posted a 13-5 major decision on Parkland’s Victor Carrasquilla, while Deem posted a major and added four falls.

Montgomery never hesitated to open up opportunities and create wider margins of victory to propel its team score up and down its lineup.

“Our coaches always tell us to get bonus points and not give up bonus points,” Harer said. “Everyone always says this is an individual sport, but in reality, it’s a team sport. You gotta do your job. Not only for yourself, but for your team.”

While the Red Raiders are ranked No. 7 in the state for Class AA dual meets, Montgomery lost against Benton earlier in the week. That loss poured gas on the flames heading into the weekend.

“We took to heart what happened Thursday night. Thursday night was not a great night for Montgomery wrestling,” Red Raiders coach Denny Harer said. “We took it personally. I said the way we get back to it is come out Saturday and prove we aren’t that group (from Thursday), and the guys did it. They wrestled real well today.”

Jersey Shore’s Brock Weiss won the 120-pound title after making three falls, a major and a tech fall.

“I always train all summer long to go out and win, and that’s all I have to do right now. Just keep going,” Weiss said.

Weiss wasn’t the lone Bulldog to win out his weight class. Haydn Packer posted two tech falls and two majors to clean house in the 189-pound bracket.

Jersey Shore has had to give up forfeits at different weights throughout the season. To have two placewinners at the Matness at the MACC in Montgomery’s house, the Bulldogs took it, like Leet, as a message to the rest of the area to hopefully bring more numbers to the program.

“It feels pretty good because we don’t have many kids out right now, because we were on a downfall,” Weiss said. “Whatever we can do to get experience and get more people out.”

TEAM KEY: Montgomery (MAH); Parkland (PAH); Upper Dauphin (UDAH); Midd-west (MWH); Wellsboro (WAH); Salisbury (STH); Sullivan County (SCH); Jersey Shore (JSAH); North Penn Liberty (NPHB).


106: Blake Dergham (PAH) Fall 0:40 over Alec Magli (WAH). Colton Wade (SCH) TF-1.5 3:33 (17-2) over Logan Sauers (MAH). Noah Smith (UDAH) via bye. Brayden Pequignot (NPHB) Fall 3:53 over Kaden Peters (MWH).

113: Jordan Pieffer (UDAH) TF-1.5 5:41 (20-5) over Brennan Emery (MAH). Rocky Finnegan (SCH) Dec 11-6 over Kaleb Contes (PAH).Trinity Robinson (NPHB) Dec 14-8 over Benjamin Engle (UDAH).

120: Brock Weiss (JSAH) Fall 2:52 over Cale Wagner (NPHB). Nathan Kresge (PAH) Fall 1:37 over Kruz McCusker (SCH). Matthew Smith (MWH) Dec 4-0 over Blake Snyder (MAH). Jonah Peterson (UDAH) Dec 10-9 over Carver Moyer (STH).

126: Phoenix DelVecchio (PAH) Fall 0:16 over Chloe Sandeen (STH). Trinity Robinson (NPHB) Dec 14-8 over Benjamin Engle (UDAH).

132: Leo Kern (PAH) Fall 1:30 over Jeffrey Teeter (UDAH). John Samy (STH) MD 14-2 over Nevin Beachel (MAH).

138: Conner Heckman (MWH) Fall 1:38 over William Sallit (PAH). Caden Finck (MAH) Fall 0:55 over Will Gastrock (WAH).

145: Conner Harer (MAH) Fall 0:45 over Mason Holva (STH). Marcus Tapper (UDAH) Fall 0:51 over Jacob Dean (WAH). Kyle Ferster (MWH) Dec 6-4 over Juan Moya (PAHS).

152: Jeffrey Yount (MWH) via bye. Aden Tom (WAH) Fall 4:16 over Bryan Hope (SCH). Cale Welker (UDAH) Fall 0:10 over Nathaniel Tone (STH). Coy Bryson (MAH) MD 13-5 over Victor Carrasquilla (PAH).

160: Devon Deem (MAH) Fall 0:47 over Collin Dreibelbis (UDAH). Porter Dawson (SCH) Fall 1:27 over Kale Ross (JSAH). Adrian Gacek (PAH) Fall 5:23 over Caden Wolfley (MWH).

172: Kohen Lehman (NPHB) via bye. Ryder Bowen (WAH) Fall 4:31 over Toby Linn (STH). Luke Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 2:52 over Phil Kanski (JSAH). Tanner Springman (MAH) Fall 1:08 over Wyatt Weaver (MWH).

189: Haydn Packer (JAHS) via bye. Dillon Johns (UDAH) Fall 1:25 over Ifrahim Ansari (STH). Colby Springman (MAH) Fall 3:07 over Isaac Keane (WAH). Alex Neely (PAH) Dec 5-2 over Gaven Sexauer (NPHB).

215: Sean Wenrick (UDAH) Fall 0:38 over Julius Reyes (PAH). Bradley Leon (MAH) Fall 2:59 over George Valentine (NPHB). Dyllian Ross (JSAH) MD 14-5 over Joseph Brown (WAH).

285: Ben Krauss (STH) Fall 1:22 over Justice Harlan (WAH). Gaven Strouse (MAH) Fall 3:04 over Lucas Rivera (PAH).


106: Blake Dergham (PAH) Fall 0:57 over Kaden Peters (MWH). Brayden Pequignot (NPHB) Fall 1:21 over Alec Magli (WAH). Colton Wade (SCH) via forfeit. Noah Smith (UDAH) Fall 0:58 over Logan Sauers (MAH).

113: Jordan Pieffer (UDAH) Fall 5:12 over Kaleb Contes (PAH). Rocky Finnegan (SCH) Fall 0:57 over Brennan Emery (MAH).

120: Brock Weiss (JSAH) TF-1.5 4:28 (18-2) over Kruz McCusker (SCH). Nathan Kresge (PAH) Fall 2:26 over Cale Wagner (NPHB). Matthew Smith (MWH) Dec 5-0 over Carver Moyer (STH). Jonah Peterson (UDAH) Dec 6-4 over Blake Snyder (MAH).

126: Hunter Leet (MAH) Fall 0:59 over Trinity Robinson (NPHB). Phoenix DelVecchio (PAH) Fall 0:26 over Benjamin Engle (UDAH).

132: John Samy (STH) Fall 5:03 over Leo Kern (PAH). Nevin Beachel (MAH) Fall 1:04 over Jeffrey Teeter (UDAH).

138: Conner Heckman (MWH) Dec 5-0 over Caden Finck (MAH). William Sallit (PAH) Fall 2:49 over Will Gastrock (WAH).

145: Conner Harer (MAH) Fall 0:10 over Jacob Dean (WAH). Kyle Ferster (MWH) Fall 1:39 over Marcus Tapper (UDAH). Juan Moya (PAH) Fall 1:19 over Mason Holva (STH).

152: Victor Carrasquilla (PAH) via bye. Cale Welker (UDAH) Fall 0:34 over Bryan Hope (SCH). Aden Tom (WAH) Fall 2:58 over Nathaniel Tone (STH). Jeffrey Yount (MWH) Dec 10-4 over Coy Bryson (MAH).

160: Devon Deem (MAH) Fall 4:28 over Porter Dawson (SCH). Adrian Gacek (PAH) Fall 0:29 over Kale Ross (JSAH). Caden Wolfley (MWH) MD 14-2 over Collin Dreibelbis (UDAH).

172: Toby Linn (STH) via bye. Kohen Lehman (NPHB) Fall 1:09 over Ryder Bowen (WAH). Luke Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 1:15 over Wyatt Weaver (MWH). Tanner Springman (MAH) Fall 1:04 over Phil Kanski (JSAH).

189: Dillon Johns (UDAH) Fall 1:18 over Isaac Keane (WAH). Colby Springman (MAH) Fall 0:45 over Ifrahim Ansari (STH). Haydn Packer (JSAH) TF-1.5 3:52 (15-0) over Gaven Sexauer (NPHB). Alex Neely (PAH).

215: Joseph Brown (WAH) SV-1 13-11 over Sean Wenrick (UDAH). George Valentine (NPHB) Fall 1:03 over Julius Reyes (PAH). Bradley Leon (MAH) Dec 3-2 over Dyllian Ross (JSAH).

285: Peyton Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 1:19 over Lucas Rivera (PAH). Ben Krauss (STH) Fall 1:44 over Gaven Strouse (MAH).


106: Blake Dergham (PAH) Fall 1:26 over Brayden Pequignot (NPHB). Alec Magli (WAH) MD 12-1 over Kaden Peters (MWH). Colton Wade (SCH) TF-1.5 4:00 (16-1) over Noah Smith (UDAH). Logan Sauers (MAH) via forfeit.

113: Jordan Pieffer (UDAH) Fall 3:01 over Rocky Finnegan (SCH). Kaleb Contes (PAH) TF-1.5 5:29 (20-5) over Brennan Emery (MAH).

120: Brock Weiss (JSAH) Fall 3:19 over Nathan Kresge (PAH). Cale Wagner (NPHB) MD 9-0 over Kruz McCusker (SCH). Matthew Smith (MWH) TF-1.5 5:04 (18-1) over Jonah Peterson (UDAH).

126: Hunter Leet (MAH) Fall 0:15 over Benjamin Engle (UDAH). Trinity Robinson (NPHB) Fall 0:13 over Chloe Sandeen (STH).

132: John Samy (STH) Fall 0:10 over Jeffrey Teeter (UDAH). Leo Kern (PAH) Dec 5-2 over Nevin Beachel (MAH).

138: Conner Heckman (MWH) disqualification over Will Gastrock (WAH). Caden Finck (MAH) Fall 2:36 over William Sallit (PAH).

145: Conner Harer (MAH) Fall 0:26 over Marcus Tapper (UDAH). Kyle Ferster (MWH) Fall 1:00 over Mason Holva (STH). Juan Moya (PAH) Fall 1:26 over Jacob Dean (WAH).

152: Coy Bryson (MAH) via bye. Nathaniel Tone (STH) Fall 3:06 over Bryan Hope (SCH). Cale Welker (UDAH) Fall 0:19 over Aden Tom (WAH). Jeffrey Yount (MWH) Fall 3:17 over Victor Carrasquilla (PAH).

160: Devon Deem (MAH) Fall 1:18 over Kale Ross (JSAH). Adrian Gacek (PAH) Fall 0:41 over Collin Dreibelbis (UDAH). Porter Dawson (SCH) Dec 3-2 over Caden Wolfley (MWH).

172: Ryder Bowen (WAH) via forfeit. Kohen Lehman (NPHB) Fall 2:45 over Toby Linn (STH). Tanner Springman (MAH) Fall 0:19 over Luke Wentzel (UDAH). Phil Kanski (JSAH) Fall 1:01 over Wyatt Weaver (MWH).

189: Gaven Sexauer (NPHB) via forfeit. Dillon Johns (UDAH) Fall 2:34 over Colby Springman (MAH). Isaac Keane (WAH) MD 11-2 over Ifrahim Ansari (STH). Haydn Packer (JSAH) MD 21-10 over Alex Neely (PAH).

215: Bradley Leon (MAH) Fall 0:27 over Julius Reyes (PAH). Dyllian Ross (JSAH) Fall 0:56 over Sean Wenrick (UDAH). George Valentine (NPHBl) Fall 5:14 over Joseph Brown (WAH).

285: Peyton Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 1:23 over Gaven Strouse (MAH). Justice Harlan (WAH) Fall 3:32 over Lucas Rivera (PAH).


126: Hunter Leet (MAH) Fall 0:07 over Chloe Sandeen (STH). Phoenix DelVecchio (PAH) Fall 0:58 over Trinity Robinson (NPHB).

145: Conner Harer (MAH) Fall 1:33 over Juan Moya (PAH). Kyle Ferster (MWH) Fall 0:24 over Jacob Dean (WAH). Marcus Tapper (UDAH) Fall 2:25 over Mason Holva (STH).

160: Devon Deem (MAH) Fall 1:45 over Caden Wolfley (MWH). Adrian Gacek (PAH) Fall 1:20 over Porter Dawson (SCH).Collin Dreibelbis (UDAH) MD 12-2 over Kale Ross (JSAH).

215: George Valentine (NPHB) Fall 3:13 over Sean Wenrick (UDAH). Bradley Leon (MAH) medical forfeit over Joseph Brown (WAH). Dyllian Ross (JSAH) Fall 0:24 over Julius Reyes (PAH).

285: Peyton Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 1:51 over Justice Harlan (WAH). Ben Krauss (STH) Fall 0:41 over Lucas Rivera (PAH).


126: Hunter Leet (MAH) Dec 8-4 over Phoenix DelVecchio (PAH). Benjamin Engle (UDAH) Fall 0:12 over Chloe Sandeen (STH).

145: Conner Harer (MAH) injury default over Kyle Ferster (MWH). Juan Moya (PAH) Fall 1:39 over Marcus Tapper (UDAH).Mason Holva (STH) injury default over Jacob Dean (WAH).

160: Devon Deem (MAH) MD 16-7 over Adrian Gacek (PAH). Caden Wolfley (MWH) MD 9-0 over Kale Ross (JSAH). Porter Dawson (SCH) TF-1.5 5:43 (18-2) over Collin Dreibelbis (UDAH).

215: Bradley Leon (MAH) Fall 1:06 over Sean Wenrick (UDAH). George Valentine (NPHB) Fall 3:48l over Dyllian Ross (JSAH). Julius Reyes (PAH) medical forfeit over Joseph Brown (WAH).

285: Peyton Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 2:58 over Ben Krauss (STH). Gaven Strouse (MAH) Fall 3:47 over Justice Harlan (WAH).


106: Blake Dergham (PAH) Fall 5:04 over Noah Smith (UDAH). Colton Wade (SCH) TF-1.5 3:31 (17-1) over Brayden Pequignot (NPHB).

120: Brock Weiss (JSAH) Fall 1:42 over Jonah Peterson (UDAH). Nathan Kresge (PAH) Dec 6-3 over Matthew Smith (MWH).

152: Coy Bryson (MAH) Fall 5:56 over Cale Welker (UPAH). Jeffrey Yount (MWH) Fall 0:56 over Aden Tom (WAH).

172: Kohen Lehman (NPHB) Fall 1:03 over Luke Wentzel (UDAH). Tanner Springman (MAH) Fall 4:56 over Ryder Bowen (WAH).

189: Dillon Johns (UDAH) SV-1 5-3 over Alex Neely (PAH). Haydn Packer (JSAH) MD 13-2 over Colby Springman (MAH).


106: Alec Magli (WAH) via forfeit. Logan Sauers (MAH) Fall 1:56 over Kaden Peters (MWH).

120: Carver Moyer (STH) Fall 2:18 over Cale Wagner (NPHB). Kruz McCusker (SCH) Dec 7-6 over Blake Snyder (MAH).

152: Nathaniel Tone (STH) via forfeit. Victor Carrasquilla (PAH) Fall 0:44 over Bryan Hope (SCH).

172: Toby Linn (STH) Fall 0:11 over Wyatt Weaver (MWH). Phil Kanski (JSAH) via forfeit.

189: Isaac Keane (WAH) via forfeit. Gaven Sexauer (NPHB) Fall 0:41 over Ifrahim Ansari (STH).


106: Colton Wade (SCH) Fall 1:49 over Blake Dergham (Pah).

120: Brock Weiss (JSAH) MD 13-5 over Matthew Smith (MWH).

152: Coy Bryson (MAH) TF-1.5 5:26 (20-5) over Aden Tom (WAH).

172: Kohen Lehman (NPHB) Fall 3:00 over Tanner Springman (MAH).

189: Haydn Packer (JSAH) TF-1.5 2:38 (17-1) over Dillon Johns (UDAH).


106: Brayden Pequignot (NPHB) Dec 3-0 over Noah Smith (UDAH).

120: Jonah Peterson (UDAH) MD 10-1 over Nathan Kresge (PAH).

152: Jeffrey Yount (MWH) Fall 1:35 over Cale Welker (UDAH).

172: Luke Wentzel (UDAH) Fall 2:37 over Ryder Bowen (WAH).

189: Colby Springman (MAH) Dec 3-2 over Alex Neely (PAH).


106: Logan Sauers (MAH) Fall 1:42 over Alec Magli (WAH).

120: Kruz McCusker (SCH) Fall 3:15 over Carver Moyer (STH).

152:Victor Carrasquilla (PAH) Fall 1:32 over Nathaniel Tone (STH).

172: Toby Linn (STH) Fall 1:30 over Phil Kanski (JSAH).

189: Gaven Sexauer (NPHB) Fall 1:21 over Isaac Keane (WAH).


106: Kaden Peters (MWH) bye.

120: Blake Snyder (MAH) Fall 1:19 over Cale Wagner (NPHB).

152: Bryan Hope (SCH) bye.

172: Wyatt Weaver (MWH) via forfeit.

189: Ifrahim Ansari (STH) bye.


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