Central Mountain has 11 wrestlers advance to Northwest Regional

Central Mountain put on an impressive display Saturday at the District 6 Class AAA championships. Despite finishing in second place behind Mifflin County out of eight teams, the Wildcats ended the day with 11 individual qualifiers to next weekend’s Northwest regional tournament.

Central Mountain came away with two champions as Dalton Perry (126) and Luke Simcox (132) both earned titles. Aside from Perry and Simcox, Taylor Weaver, Griffin Walizer, Rocco Serafini and Brayden Blackwell also earned top-two finishes as the bunch placed second.

A trio of Wildcats took third as Clayton Foster (113), Braylen Corter (152) and Damien Galentine (189) battled to third-place finishes.

Luke Anaea (120) and Jake Weaver (172) also booked their respective tickets to the next round.

“You’ve got to have some things go your way,” Wildcats coach Biff Walizer said in terms of what CM needed to do in order to take first place overall. Everybody wrestled up to their seeds and to have 11 guys going on to the regional tournament, at this point, I’m pretty pleased.”

Central Mountain got off to a hot start in the quarterfinal round. The Wildcats compiled a 6-1 record to begin their day. Foster (113), Anaea (120), Weaver (138), Serafini (160), Weaver (172) and Damien Galentine (189) all came out victorious. Central Mountain’s lone loss in the quarterfinals was when Micah Walizer fell to Addison Shawley of Bellefonte. Foster, Anaea, Galentine and both Weavers earned pins to set up their respective semifinal matches.

The Wildcats’ leaders in wins (Simcox and Perry) waited in the semifinals thanks to a bye to make their 2022 postseason debuts. Simcox, Perry and Griffin Walizer were three of five CM wrestlers to advance to the finals. The freshman Perry (126) blanked State College’s Jacob Campbell to kick off his varsity career.

Both Blackwell and Serafini advanced to the finals as well, as Blackwell (285) gutted out a, 2-1, win over Putnam in the semifinals.

Heading into the championship bouts, Central Mountain trialed Mifflin County by 2.5 points. The Huskies and Wildcats both had six wrestlers a piece in the finals, but Mifflin County had one more than CM in the consolation bracket.

Central Mountain began the finals with a perfect two for two starts. Perry kicked off things with a TF of Taylor Smith of Mifflintown. Perry used a 23-5 advantage to claim his first varsity district title. Following Perry’s win, Simcox came through with another individual title for the Wildcats. The sophomore captured the 132-division title with a win over Bellefonte’s Aidan O’Shea via decision.

The Wildcats first loss in the title round was at 138 pounds. Weaver fell to Pierson Manville of State College. Later, Serafini fell to Kyler Everly of Mifflin County, 9-3.

Blackwell also fell in the finals. Central Mountain’s heavyweight was defeated by Mifflin County’s Jaxson Pupo.



106: Carson Krupka (Hollidaysburg) pinned Jonathan Coates (State College), 4:35 … Cameron Garcia (Bellefonte) pinned Styers Oden (Mifflin County), 3:45. 113: Nick Irwin (Altoona) pinned Amelia Smith (Juniata), 3:18 … Clayton Foster (Central Mountain) pinned Brce Conway (Hollidaysburg), 0:37. 120: Luke Ananea (Central Mountain) pinned Noah Horne (Hollidaysburg), 1:46 … Hunter Johnson (Mifflin County) tech fall Eli Wisor (Altoona), 17-1 2:52. 126: Jacob Campbell (State College) pinned Jordan Carlucci (Altoona), 2:33 … Noah Weaver (Bellefonte) dec. Mason Schenck (Hollidaysburg), 7-1 … 132: Daniel Painter (Juniata) tech fall Jacob Brua (Hollidaysburg), 21-3 3:43 … Blake Aumiller (Mifflin County) pinned Logan Brandt (Altoona), 2:22. 138: Jake Cunningham (Mifflin County) dec. Mitchell Baronner (Hollidaysburg), 3-1 … Gage Long (Bellefonte) pinned Wyatt Young (Altoona), 5:20 … Taylor Weaver (Central Mountain) pinned Jorge Morales (Greater Johnstown), 1:15. … 145: Will Young (Altoona) pinned Quinton Ritchey (Hollidaysburg), 3:47

160: Josh Hershbine (State College) pinned Alijah Gibson (Greater Johnstown), 4:28 … Josh Bomberger Juniata) maj. dec. Grady Garrison (Bellefonte), 13-2 … Rocco Serafini (Central Mountain) tech fall Zach Reimer (Altoona), 16-1 4:38. … 172: Avery Aurand (Mifflin County) tech fall Elijah Houser (Altoona), 21-4 4:58 … Jacob Weaver (Central Mountain) pinned Nash Irwin (Bellefonte), 3:32 … Braden Newby (State College) tech fall Harrison Mummah (Juniata), 20-5 5:57. … 189: Trey Shoemaker (Mifflin County) pinned Lane Peiper (Juniata), 0:56. … Connor Reimer (Altoona) tech fall Wyatt Lowry (Bellefonte), 19-4 4:49 … Damien Galentine (Central Mountain) pinned Marquan Tissinger Joh (Greater Johnstown), 3:57 … 189 Carter Weaverling (State College) pinned Luke Onkst (Hollidaysburg), 0:34 … 215: Nicholas Pavlechko (State College) pinned Tajon Irvig (Greater Johnstown), 1:05 … Addison Shawley (Bellefonte) dec. Micah Walizer (Central Mountain), 8-2 … Anson Wagner (Mifflin County) pinned Alexander Yost (Altoona), 2:56. 285: Shane Focht (State College) pinned Michael Riccio Altoona), 4:52 … Tyler Putnam (Bellefonte) pinned Charles Yingling (Greater Johnstown).


106 Luke Hileman (Altoona) pinned Carson Krupka (Hollidaysburg), 0:43 … Cameron Garcia (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Joey Bomberger (Juniata), 8-0. 113: Nic (Mifflin County) pinned Nick Irwin (Altoona), 1:01 … Garrett Choates (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Clayton Foster (Central Mountain), 14-0. 120: Casey Smith (Juniata) dec. Luke Ananea (Central Mountain), 8-4 … Asher Cunningham (State College) dec. Hunter Johnson (Mifflin County), 5-4. 126: Dalton Perry (Central Mountain) tech fall Jacob Campbell (State College), 15-0 4:00 … Taylor Smith (Juniata) maj. dec. Noah Weaver (Bellefonte), 19-8. 132: Luke Simcox (Central Mountain) pinned Daniel Painter (Juniata), 0:56 … Aidan O’shea (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Blake Aumiller (Mifflin County), 15-3. 138: Pierson Manville (State College) pinned Jake Cunningham (Mifflin County), 1:50 … 138: Taylor Weaver (Central Mountain) pinned Gage Long Bellefonte, PA (Bellefonte), 1:32. … 145: Jude Swisher (Bellefonte) pinned Will Young (Altoona), 2:21 … Griffin Walizer (Central Mountain) dec. Deakon Scheaffer (Mifflin County), 9-3. 152: Luke Sipes (Altoona) tech fall Nate Smith (Bellefonte), 17-2 2:51 … Parker Kearns (Mifflin County) dec. Braylen Corter (Central Mountain), 7-2. 160: Kyler Everly (Mifflin County) pinned Josh Hershbine (State College), 1:35 … Rocco Serafini (Central Mountain) maj. dec. Josh Bomberger (Juniata), 14-4. 172: Aaron Sleeth (Hollidaysburg) pinned Avery Aurand (Mifflin County), 3:16 … Braden Newby (State College) dec. Jacob Weaver (Central Mountain), 3-0. 189: Trey Shoemaker (Mifflin County) pinned Connor Reimer (Altoona), 0:43 … Carter Weaverling (State College) dec. Damien Galentine (Central Mountain), 3-2. 215: Nicholas Pavlechko (State College) pinned Nicklas Eppihimer (Hollidaysburg), 2:27 … Anson Wagner (Mifflin County) pinned Addison Shawley (Bellefonte), 4:51. 285: Jaxson Pupo (Mifflin County) pinned Shane Focht (State College), 4:54 … Brayden Blackwell (Central Mountain) dec. Tyler Putnam (Bellefonte), 2-1 TB2


138: Wyatt Young (Altoona) pinned Jorge Morales (Greater Johnstown), 4:30. 160: Grady Garrison (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Zach Reimer (Altoona), 14-6. 172: Harrison Mummah (Juniata) pinned Nash Irwin (Bellefonte), 3:58. 189: Lane Peiper (Juniata) pinned Wyatt Lowry (Bellefonte), 3:47 … Marquan Tissinger (Greater Johnstown) DEC Luke Onkst (Hollidaysburg), 7-1. 215: Jonathan Kauffman (Juniata) pinned Tajon Irvig (Greater Johnstown), 0:19 … Alexander Yost (Altoona) dec. Micah Walizer (Central Mountain), 5-3. 285: Rally Hoover (Hollidaysburg) dec. Charles Yingling (Greater Johnstown), 1-0.


106: Jonathan Coates (State College) dec. Joey Bomberger (Juniata), 5-0 … Carson Krupka (Hollidaysburg) pinned Styers Oden (Mifflin County), 2:17. 113: Clayton Foster (Central Mountain) pinned Amelia Smith (Juniata), 0:26 … Nick Irwin (Altoona) maj. dec. Bryce Conway (Hollidaysburg), 12-3. 120: Hunter Johnson (Mifflin County) pinned Noah Horne (Hollidaysburg), 1:49 … Luke Ananea (Central Mountain) pinned Eli Wisor (Altoona), 2:18. 126: Noah Weaver (Bellefonte) dec. Jordan Carlucci (Altoona), 6-0 … Jacob Campbell (State College) pinned Mason Schenck (Hollidaysburg), 1:27. 132: Blake Aumiller (Mifflin County) tech fall Jacob Brua (Hollidaysburg), 20-5 4:41 … Daniel Painter (Juniata) pinned Logan Brandt (Altoona), 4:25. 138: Jake Cunningham (Mifflin County) pinned Wyatt Young (Altoona), 3:00 … Gage Long (Bellefonte) tech fal Mitchell Baronner (Hollidaysburg), 16-0 4:23. 145: Deakon Scheaffer (Mifflin County) pinned Quinton Ritchey (Hollidaysburg), 0:40. 160: Josh Hershbine (State College) dec. Grady Garrison (Bellefonte), 8-2 … Josh Bomberger (Juniata) pinned Alijah Gibson (Greater Johnstown), 6:26. 172: Avery Aurand (Mifflin County) maj. dec. Harrison Mummah (Juniata), 9-0 … Jacob Weaver (Central Mountain) pinned Elijah Houser (Altoona), 3:06. 189: Damien Galentine (Central Mountain) pinned Lane Peiper (Juniata), 2:58 … Marquan Tissinger (Greater Johnstown) dec. Connor Reimer (Altoona), 3-2. 215: Jonathan Kauffman (Juniata) dec. Addison Shawley (Bellefonte), 11-6 … Nicklas Eppihimer (Hollidaysburg) dec. Alexander Yost (Altoona), 5-2. 285: Shane Focht (State College) dec. Rally Hoover (Hollidaysburg), 7-1 … Tyler Putnam (Bellefonte) pinned Michael Riccio (Altoona), 1:29.


106: Luke Hileman (Altoona) pinned Cameron Garcia (Bellefonte), 0:29. 113: Nic Allison (Mifflin County) pinned Garrett Choates (Bellefonte), 0:32. 120: Asher Cunningham (State College) dec. Casey Smith (Juniata), 4-1. 126: Dalton Perry (Central Mountain) tech fallTaylor Smith (Juniata), 23-5 5:33. 132: Luke Simcox (Central Mountain) dec. Aidan O’shea (Bellefonte), 7-1. 138: Pierson Manville (State College) tech fall Taylor Weaver (Central Mountain), 18-1 4:00. 145: Jude Swisher (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Griffin Walizer (Central Mountain), 10-0. 152: Luke Sipes (Altoona) maj. dec. Parker Kearns (Mifflin County), 9-1. 160: Kyler Everly (Mifflin County) dec. Rocco Serafini (Central Mountain), 9-3. 172: Aaron Sleeth (Hollidaysburg) dec. Braden Newby (State College), 1-0. 189: Trey Shoemaker (Mifflin County) pinned Carter Weaverling (State College), 1:41. 215: Nicholas Pavlechko (State College) maj. dec. Anson Wagner (Mifflin County), 14-5. 285: Jaxson Pupo (Mifflin County) dec. Brayden Blackwell (Central Mountain), 5-1.


106: Jonathan Coates (State College) dec. Carson Krupka (Hollidaysburg), 4-2 SV. 113: Clayton Foster (Central Mountain) pinned Nick Irwin (Altoona), 0:34. 120: Hunter Johnson (Mifflin County) dec. Luke Ananea (Central Mountain), 8-3. 126: Jacob Campbell (State College) maj. dec. Noah Weaver (Bellefonte), 13-4. 132: Blake Aumiller (Mifflin County) MD Daniel Painter (Juniata), 8-0. 138: Gage Long (Bellefonte) maj. dec. Jake Cunningham (Mifflin County), 13-5. 145: Deakon Scheaffer (Lewistown) dec. Will Young (Altoona) 7-3. 152: Braylen Corter (Central Mountain) dec. Nate Smith (Bellefonte), 6-1. 160: Josh Hershbine (State College) dec. Josh Bomberger (Juniata), 4-3. 172: Avery Aurand (Mifflin County) def. Jacob Weaver (Central Mountain), 0-0 0:00. 189: Damien Galentine (Central Mountain) pinned Marquan Tissinger (Greater Johnstown), 1:58. 215: Nicklas Eppihimer (Hollidaysburg) dec. Jonathan Kauffman (Juniata), 3-2. 285: Shane Focht (State College) dec. Tyler Putnam (Bellefonte), 2-1 TB2


106: Joey Bomberger (Juniata) dec. Styers Oden (Mifflin County), 8-2. 113: Bryce Conway (Hollidaysburg) pinned Amelia Smith (Juniata), 2:12. 120: Noah Horne (Hollidaysburg) dec. Eli Wisor (Altoona), 9-2. 126: Jordan Carlucci (Altoona) pinned Mason Schenck (Hollidaysburg), 2:38. 132: Jacob Brua (Hollidaysburg) pinned Logan Brandt (Altoona), 2:05. 138: Mitchell Baronner (Hollidaysburg) pinned Wyatt Young (Altoona), 4:30. 160: Alijah Gibson (Greater Johnstown) dec. Grady Garrison (Bellefonte), 5-2. 172: Elijah Houser (Altoona) pinned Harrison Mummah (Juniata), 3:36, 189: Connor Reimer (Altoona) maj. dec. Lane Peiper (Juniata), 8-0. 215: Alexander Yost (Altoona) dec. Addison Shawley (Bellefonte), 6-3. 285: Rally Hoover (Hollidaysburg) pinned Michael Riccio (Altoona) 1:53.


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