Judge: 2 life sentences for killer

A Philadelphia native was sentenced to serve two consecutive life sentences Wednesday, for his role in a 2016 double murder along Poplar Street.

Joseph Sentore Coleman Jr., 38, was found guilty in early September for the home invasion and murder of Shane Wright, 27, and his mother, Kristine Kibler, 50, three years ago on Halloween night.

The two life sentences will run consecutively as a “symbol” of the crimes’ seriousness, said Judge Marc F. Lovecchio. The miscellaneous firearm and robbery charges, amounting to about 7 years, will run concurrent.

Several members of the victim’s family were present for the sentencing.

“You took a piece of our hearts and our future,” Lisa Caputo, a sister of Kibler’s and aunt of Wright’s, said to Coleman. “You’re a coward and a predator who doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions.”


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