Welcome to our new, full-color Sunday edition

You’ll notice a momentus change in today’s print edition of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette — the use of full color in our Sunday edition.

This is another in a series of “firsts” in your community newspaper’s history, which dates to 1801 when the Sun-Gazette’s earliest forerunner, the Lycoming Gazette, was founded.

We wonder what William F. Buyers, the first proprietor of what has become the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, would think of today’s edition, or of the many changes made to your community newspaper over more than two centuries of providing the day’s news, information and sports to the people of Northcentral Pennsylvania.

We hope he would like it, just as we hope our readers and advertisers enjoy seeing an increased amount of color content in this and future Sunday editions.

This means more opportunities for color advertising, for more robust reader-provided and local photos.

Sure, you will see some pages that are black-and-white only, but that has to do with content, such our Editorial Page, Obituaries and Sports Scoreboard pages, among others.

The front two sections will continue to carry the most recent news and sports.

Going to a full-color Sunday edition requires the sections to be rearranged to allow for coverage of developing news events and sports stories on Saturdays.

That means that stories, features and photos by our award-winning sports team at the Sun-Gazette moves to the B section on Sundays.

The C section will include both Community and Business.

The D section switches to Health and the E section will feature our popular Lifestyle section announcing the milestones in life.

Our Classifieds-Marketplace moves to the F section.

Overall, we believe a full-color Sunday newspaper will give our readers a more “colorful read” of what is the largest newspaper of the week.

Moreover, full-color capability better meets the needs of our loyal advertisers as the Sun-Gazette reaches thousands of readers who tell us they enjoy their community newspaper each morning with a cup of joe or tea, whether in print or online at www.sungazette.com.

So turn the page, take a look and enjoy!


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