Lycoming Township man arrested following assault on city girlfriend

Nicholas Aloisio came behind his girlfriend, Morgan Champion, and put her in choke hold, prompting the woman to let out a scream, city Patrolwoman Debra Wasilauski alleged in an affidavit.

“Now you’re really going to sleep,” the 27-year-old boyfriend told the woman as he “pulled his arm around her neck. Champion was unable to breathe. She felt her airway clothing,” the officer said.

“Champion was afraid, and felt she was not going to be able fight him off. She felt (like) she was going to pass out,” Wasilauski said. The girlfriend managed to get out only three words: “Ok, I’ll quit.”

Aloisio then let her go, but continued to assault her in her home at 1612 Memorial Ave. on the night of Aug. 29, the officer alleged.

The man “threw Champion onto the kitchen floor, kicking her about the body. He punched her in the back of the head, repeatedly,” the officer was told.

With Champion on her hands and knees crying, Aloisio, of 27 Casale Road, Cogan Station, told her “If you (expletive) this up with me getting off parole, I’ll kill you. You’ll never see your kids again,” according to Wasilauski.

Champion bolted from her home and got in her car, but “Aloisio came outside and told her she was not leaving. He threatened to break the window. He (managed) to get his hand in the vehicle and open the door, After He got a hold of her keys and cellphone, Champion and Aloisio went back inside,” the officer said.

Champion finally was able to escape the home and to police headquarters, where she told officers about her ordeal, which she said lasted about an hour. She was treated at UPMC.

Following his recent on Sept. 3 before Biichle on charges of strangulation, terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment, Aloisio was released on $75,000 bail.


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