Susque-View Home Nursing and Rehabilitation Center transitioning to private ownership

Susque-View in Lock Haven.FILE PHOTO

After nearly 50 years of county ownership, Susque-View Home is transitioning to private ownership.

The Susque-View Trustees (County Commissioners) were approached in mid 2020 by a private

company interested in purchasing the physical property owned by the County of Clinton and the nonprofit nursing home and all of its assets. After careful consideration, meetings, research, appraisals, and legal formalities, the Trustees have made the decision to sell the home in its entirety.

In total, the facility is being purchased for 12 million dollars.

The County of Clinton owns the physical property and Susque-View Home and Rehabilitation owns

the organization and all of the assets and contents. The Commissioners serve as the Trustees of the organization.

“We (the Trustees) were not actively seeking to sell” said Trustee and Board Chairman Jeff Snyder.

“But when approached, we decided to give it consideration. We feel that it is becoming more and more difficult for a non-profit facility to be sustainable”. Snyder went on to discuss the challenges with COVID, staffing, and ensuring residents are receiving the best care.

“We are one of the few counties left in the Commonwealth that still owns a nursing home” said

Trustee and Board Secretary, Miles Kessinger. “With the way that healthcare has changed and become

more specialized, we feel the time is right. Years ago, it was required in County Code to provide a nursing home. That requirement is no longer mandated”.

All three Trustees complimented current administrator, Jamie Aurand for the work he and his team

have done through COVID. Mr. Aurand and staff have kept cases relatively low, established and

revised policies, and followed all guidelines set forth by the state. The Trustees were quick to

recognize the staff at Susque-View for their commitment and dedication to the facility over the years, but especially the last two. “It has not been easy on staff, residents, or families, said Snyder, but the team found ways to make it work, keep people safe, and they are getting through it together”.

For the past 30 plus years, Susque-View has been managed by a third-party company. The company

has merged and been sold over the years, but remained. Most recently, Quest Healthcare managed the

home and employed one staff member, the home’s administrator. All other staff are employed by

Susque View Home Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Currently, Susque-View Home employees 95


“One of the main concerns for us when discussing the option of selling the home was the future of the current staff at the facility” said Trustee and Vice Chair, Angela Harding. “If we didn’t believe that staff were going to be secure, have more opportunities, and better opportunities, we may not have moved forward with the idea to sell. The current market for skilled nurses is competitive. A non-profit has a very difficult time competing for available talent. Susque-View has been reliant on agency nurses

for quite some time. We needed to make sure the folks who live here, are raising their families here, and work there are going to have employment and the possibility of a bright future.”

Allaire Health Services (DBA: SV OPCO, LLC) has entered into a purchase and sale agreement with

the County of Clinton for the property and an operations transfer agreement for the non-profit with Susque-View Home. Allaire’s corporate offices are located in Freehold, New Jersey. The company currently has eight affiliate facilities. Six are located in New Jersey, one in Vermont, and one in

Danville, Pennsylvania. Susque-View will mark Allaire’s 4th county acquisition.

“Allaire has a strong history of transforming healthcare centers, building on their strengths and

providing the resources needed to flourish,” says Allaire President and CEO, Ben Kurland. “SusqueView is a perfect fit for our patient care philosophy, and we look forward to welcoming the care team at Susque-View to the Allaire family. As healthcare services continue to evolve, community and

family will continue to be integral in Allaire’s care strategies. As a result, Allaire works closely with patients, families, and members of the community to understand needs and expectations and to develop

programs and services tailored to Susque-View and the community it serves.”

Allaire will enter into a management agreement for the facility on February 8, 2022 and will continue that role until the final sale and closing take place. It is presumed that the sale will be final near the end of March, beginning of April 2022.

Susque-View provides 146 beds for long term and short-term stays and offers several rehabilitation options. In 2021, the average daily census was approximately 100 residents. Susque-View also offers a very popular indoor atrium that has a waterfall and koi pond, an on-site beauty shop, a recreation room with a fully equipped kitchen, a gift and snack shop, a chapel, backyard terrace, and a covered patio area with an outdoor fireplace.

“Many families and a couple of generations have called Susque-View home for their loved ones. We

truly believe that by transitioning to private ownership, the residents, their families, and our

community will have Susque-View to call home for many more years to come” said Harding.

Prior to this press release, the Trustees and representatives from Allaire met with Susque-View staff to announce the sale and offer a time for questions and concerns. Resident’s families have been sent correspondence thought the postal service, and the sellers and purchasers met with other community stakeholders including Susque-View neighbor, UPMC – Lock Haven.


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