Democrats picnic brings candidates for Congressional districts

On one of the hottest days of the summer, yet, members of the Lycoming County Democratic Committee, gathered at Short Park in Loyalsock Township, to share a meal and share a vision on how to come together and bring a victory to the Democratic candidates on the ballot in November’s general election.

Two of those candidates, Mike Molesevich, candidate for Congressional District 15 and Amanda Waldman, candidate for Congressional District 9, were on hand at the picnic. Local elected officials who also spoke to the crowd of about 90 people included Williamsport Mayor Derek Slaughter and Lycoming County Commissioner Rick Mirabito.

Encouraging the voters across the area to unite, Waldman said, “Our duty right now in this moment is not just to elect Democrats up and down. It is to unite our country again, because we must come back together or we will not have a country anymore.

“If someone is in dire need, everyone sitting here is going to do that. We step up to each others’ needs-that’s what Democrats do. And this moment is no different. We can understand, we can reach out, we can have a conversation,” she said.

She challenged those attending the event to make sure that five of their Democratic friends get out to vote in November.

“More importantly, for both Mikel (Molesevich) and myself, we need you to bring along at least one Republican with you to vote for us… let them know they’re not alone in the truth. Let them know there is a huge family behind them. We’re not trying to change them to make them Democrats. We want to restore our country back to the human decency that we’ve been known around the world for, “ she added.


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