Pinterest nail or fail

Halloween craft: Wire, button spiders

aJULIE STELLFOX/Sun-Gazette Halloween-inspired wire, button spiders made using a Pinterest “pin” are shown above.

There is an endless amount of information available on the internet, this we know. An answer to just about any question imaginable. Looking for a recipe? You can find it — along with numerous variations on it. Need to know how to make a cocktail, fold an origami crane, get a stain out of a piece of fabric, upcycle some old clothes or refinish a piece of furniture? No problem! It’s all out there on the wonderful world wide web, just waiting for you to find.

But, what happens when you find that answer you’ve been searching for — that special craft project that you’ve been dying to try — but later, for the life of you, can’t seem to find again no matter what you type in the search bar? Ugh!

Pinterest to the rescue! Pinterest is a website and mobile application that allows users to search for all of the ideas floating around in your brain and then store them in one place for easy access when you want to come back to it without searching again.

Pinterest users can create “boards” to “pin” different items to. For example, if you’ve just gotten engaged and you want a place to store all of your wedding ceremony and reception ideas, Pinterest can help! Just create a board, give it a name and start “pinning.”

You can create “public” boards, allowing all Pinterest users to see your board and pins, which they also can pin to their own boards. You also can create shared boards for you and your friends with similar interests. This option is great for sharing recipes, craft projects, party ideas, etc. And there also is an option to create a “secret” board, which I used when planning my wedding, so I could see my pins, but no one else could.

Every user creates their own boards for their own personal interests. I have boards, not only for recipes, but for specific kinds of recipes. One board for dips and soups, one for treats and sweets, one for vegetarian/vegan dishes and so on. I also have many craft boards for basic crafts, as well as crafts for specific holidays and occasions. I even have boards showing my favorite movies and television shows.

In this column, I plan to explore Pinterest and share with you my experiences — my Pinterest “nails” and “fails.” I’ve been using Pinterest for several years and I love it. I’ve had more nails than fails in my trials, for sure!

This month, I will talk about the spiders I made out of wire and buttons. When you search Pinterest for “wire button spiders” — as with most Pinterest searches — you get a large amount of different pins to look through. I made one of the more basic spiders I found.

For my spider I went to a craft store and bought a few medium-sized buttons to use as the spider’s “body” — the kind that are solid on tip with a loop on the bottom. I also got some thick craft wire to use as the spider’s “legs.” I had some other small beads on hand from other craft projects that I used as “heads.”

When you find a pin you like, you can click on it and sometimes it will give you step-by-step instructions you can use to make the craft or recipe or just extra information about the pin. Other times, it just enlarges the picture and that’s it. The pin I used just showed a few pictures of how to make the spider and didn’t have much extra information. So I took what I saw and did my own thing.

I first chose the button and bead combination I wanted to use for the spider’s body and head. Then I threaded the wire through the head bead, twisted it and then fed it through the loop on the button — twisting it to secure it in place. I then threaded four more pieces of wire through the loop to make eight legs — also twisting them to secure them. This is where it got a little tricky. The wire started to get “thick” in the middle and weak from twisting and untwisting to make it all fit. So, I ended up using a few extra pieces of wire after the first few broke.

I then shaped the wire into legs and curled the bottoms so it would stand on its own. It turned out pretty cute, so I made another one. For the second one I put small beads at the end of the legs and hot glued them into place. This made the spider a little more sturdy and added a little extra color. They were a little wobbly, but I still think the spiders were a Pinterest “nail” for me and make a nice addition to my Halloween decor.

Stellfox is the Lifestyle and Education editor at the Sun-Gazette. Her column will be published on the second Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. Share your Pinterest nail or fail with Stellfox, or suggest a pin for her to try, by emailing her at jstell