Two steps closer to realizing the dream


Has the dream been realized? This question is the theme for the 2022 slate of Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities held throughout this week. It’s an important question for each of us to ask. The slate of events includes a speaker tonight, Dr. Drew Hart of Messiah College and other ...

Pennsylvania can make better decisions than 9 other states


One of our lawmakers, state Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Loyalsock Township, has spent years working and striving to find the right balance between preserving our environment and assuring that working families across Pennsylvania will have access to affordable energy. On one hand, he has championed state ...

No memory of co-signing


A short while ago I turned on my TV and found myself staring at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic congresswoman. Staring me straight in the eye, she solemnly informed me that I had a “moral obligation” to pay off her $17,000 dollar student loan debt. While my memory isn’t as good ...

Protecting consumers from municipal ideologues

Other Commentaries

Last month, seven environmental groups wrote a misguided letter to Philadelphia officials bashing legislation that I sponsored as counterintuitive to the city’s decarbonization goals. In October, six Democrats, including two from the southeast corner of the state, joined all 28 Republicans ...

A good investment


Is President Biden’s proposal for tuition-free education for community college students a good idea? Yes, and it pays for itself. How? Although there are many exceptions, on average, high school graduates will earn thousands of dollars more in lifetime earnings than will high school dropouts ...