Local elections are important — and we’re proud to cover them


While national campaigns may receive the most attention from cable news punditry and social media obsessives, local elections have far greater impact on the daily lives of our readers. It’s where the decisions about the communities you live and work in are made — decisions that affect ...

Thank you


Thank you so much League of Women Voters, Williamsport Chamber of Commerce, and Williamsport Sun-Gazette for your sponsorship and thoughtfulness that went into last Thursday’s Williamsport City Council candidate forum. I appreciated the very relevant questions for taxpayers and our city’s ...

Rep. Hamm is right: Lawmakers need to make decisions


State Rep. Joe Hamm, R-Hepburn Township recently visited a Jersey Shore Borough Council meeting where he addressed, among other topics, a particularly important and troubling problem. “Elected officials gave all the power to unelected bureaucrats so they would not be held accountable by the ...

We don’t need an election audit; we need change


Isn’t negotiating change to strengthen current election law in Pennsylvania more important than trying to overturn a certified and audited election now almost a year old? Isn’t working to motivate and direct voters to cast ballots in person - or by mail but only if they’re eligible — ...

Our town


Our town of Williamsport is not really noted for anything big on happy events going on. Yes I know we have the Little League World Series which I hope can get back to the world in 2022. That is always a big plus for Williamsport. Then there is the 9/11 motorcycle run which is always a big plus. ...