What other newspapers are saying: Expense bill is a no-brainer


State legislative leaders contend that a law to require lawmakers to post their expenses isn’t necessary because they plan to require the same thing as a matter of policy. In other words, “trust us.” If those same leaders truly were committed to transparency, though, taxpayers already ...

President Biden


I’d like to say that I don’t think President Biden is doing such a great job. He needs to be doing more to secure the borders from illegal immigrants coming to America. You need to come here the right way. You need to be a citizen of the United States by earning your right to be here, not ...

Spreading love


There is a lot of violence in the world today. I personally believe in saying “I love you” to all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When I talk on the phone to anyone in my immediate family, I always end the conversation with “I love you.” When I visit my friends or ...

What could go wrong?


In Texas, a 6-month-old puppy ran out of the house, a family of three were riding their bikes in the street, owner of the puppy was right behind him calling him back in. Shots were fired by the mother, her child was hit, puppy was grazed. Texas signed into law that you don’t need a license ...

Take back health departments


The body needs 4 types of physically-fit COVID-19 warrior cells—macro-cells, B-cells, T-cells, and memory-cells—in order to naturally seek out, and destroy, invading COVID-19 viruses, and variants of COVID-19, without ever receiving any one of the many COVID-19 vaccines. More than 60% of ...



Location is important to all of us especially if it is where we live. It is the most important value feature when we buy a home. That is why you hear the statement: location, location, location. If you are a sportsman in particular a fisherman and not a stoic type, Lycoming county offers you a ...