Bill improves transparency of state-funded universities


The state House is considering an important proposal that improves transparency and accountability in four of Pennsylvania’s largest universities. We hope the measure can advance to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk and we hope he signs it. The proposal applies tougher transparency standards to ...

A lot to like in Republicans’ ‘commitment’


“It’s about you, it’s not about us.” House minority leader Kevin McCarthy of California said these words to a crowd in Monongahela as the Republicans’ House caucus began to unveil a platform for governing should the Republicans win back a congressional majority. “It’s a plan ...

What other newspapers are saying: Fix medical marijuana loopholes


Pennsylvania has a marijuana problem. The state legalized weed for medical use in 2016. Dispensaries started opening their doors two years later, with the government picking up a 5% tax on sales. That translates to millions in revenue for the public coffers. Dispensaries were barely opened ...

Foundation’s new initiative keeps dreams alive


We are grateful for a new initiative by the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. The initiative is soliciting ideas from community members to improve racial equity in Lycoming County. The projects selected in “Spark Tank,” modeled off of the TV show “Shark Tank” ...