Power plant is good news for Renovo and for Pennyslvania


The Clinton County Economic Partnership recently heard some good news — progress continues to be made on a new power plant in Renovo. The power plant is expected to create 25 permanent jobs, and about 500 jobs during its construction. It will use natural gas to generate electricity, a ...

The answer to our prayers


This time in history is unparalleled. If we were asleep in 2008, we sure are not now. From the time Trump won the Republican primary, through his presidency, we watched first in shock and later in horror as our servants in DC, the media and industry brazenly colluded, becoming more and more ...

What other newspapers are saying: Wildlife corridors help all species


Pennsylvania, Penn’s Woods, still is among the most forested of all states. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 58% of the state’s land is wooded. That translates into an abundance of wildlife, as hunters, hikers, bird watchers, nature photographers and, unfortunately, ...



After hearing how President Biden has spoken out against the decision in Texas that there will be no abortions after a heartbeat is detected, I must speak. The president said this will cause people to be vigilantes, to report on anyone who secretly gets an abortion, and this is unamerican. ...

House, governor should act quickly on firefighting bill


The state Senate passed an important piece of legislation this week. The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Loyalsock Township, restricts certain hazardous substances from being included in the suppressing foam fire departments use. The substances in question, per- and polyfluoroaklyl ...

COVID and the schools


Having read the recent news coverage of parent and citizen protests over the state-wide Health Department order for all persons in our schools, students, faculty and staff alike, to wear face coverings, I am appalled by those who cite a “right” not to require their children to wear masks, ...