Investigation into handling of nursing homes necessary


It has been well publicized how nursing homes and long-term care facilities were and continue to be among the most vulnerable places to COVID-19 outbreaks. Not only are the residents at these facilities mostly in the highest-risk age groups, many of them also have underlying medical conditions ...

One People


We are one people of this Earth, This virus proves this curse, The world turns as we reflect, On what will happen next, We hibernate in one place, No matter what your creed, religion or race, We speak the same language, To survive another day Do take care in all this ...



If anything positive came out of the recent Impeachment Hearing, it was the final proof that the Republicans and their Bible thumping cohorts have decided to stand by their God. While His own people might have hung Jesus, these people are not going to hang their god, the Donald! Expect ...

Hitler’s lies


Trump political signs continue to desecrate landscapes and communities while marking their owners as the real losers. Reminders that America is not immune from dictators foreign or domestic. We fought one less than a century ago, remember. In the 1930s, their demigod talked Germany (one of ...

Thank you Sen. Toomey


Thank you to Senator Toomey for showing allegiance to the oath you took to defend the Constitution of the United States of America when you voted to convict Trump of “incitement of insurrection.” My understanding is that as Senator you are there to represent the state constituents and not ...

Cancel culture


Republicans are at it again. This time they are saying the Democratic party is using cancel culture to silence them. Just like when the Republicans said Democrats were using identity politics and political correctness. Republicans have been using all three and the latest accusation of using ...