US must confront lead pipe problem


“Your tap water can hang out in some pretty seedy joints” is the message in close proximity to containers of one brand of bottled water sold by some area stores. Accompanying that message and, of course, the containers of water for sale is a picture depicting one example of the ...

Newspapers: Vital enough to be celebrated


National Newspaper Week presents an opportunity to reflect on the value of journalism — an American treasure essential to our way of life. Around the globe and nationwide, across the commonwealth, and in our own backyards, newspaper journalists provide the accurate, fair, timely and ...

You don’t get to choose


Generally, The Sun-Gazette’s op ed writers are right of center although there are a few from the left as well. And the editorial policy, as reflected in the daily editorial, is generally on the conservative side. But not always, and I often find myself in sympathy with the editorials. But ...

Never forget


The Williamsport High School Class of 1954 is well represented in letters to the editor; although it’s 67 years later we still care about our country. Myself, John Fedele and Rich Newman enjoy giving our opinions on current events. John Fedele lives in Kansas but I believe his heart is in ...

The Curse of Kahn


How did the situation at the Williamsport Regional Airport become so bad? It’s not due to the terminal that greets passengers. The terminal is an outstanding example of such buildings. In fact, it’s certainly suitable for much busier airports. I think the problem started in the early ...

Are you proud?


To all the parents in Lycoming County that are fighting the mask mandate, enforced by health department!! You evidently don’t care, in my opinion, if your unvaccinated child gets COVID, doesn’t die, but gives it to someone that is immune compromised and that person dies!! A few weeks ago, I ...