‘Carbon storage’ response


“In response to “Carbon storage offers hope”, first let’s be clear, this is in no way intended as a criticism of those who work the soil for a living. Farmers have known and practiced the methods described since the beginning of recorded history, and continue to innovate. Only now, when ...



In response to the letter “Protect freedoms” in the May 13 edition and “Pants on Fire” in the May 21 edition, please let me assure some of our local Democrats, whom I fear have drunk the “liberal Kool-Aid,” that Liz Cheney’s removal from a leadership position within the Republican ...

Let’s get real


This is in response the letter “Disgusting” in this weekend’s paper. He was “disgusted” that a police officer (Derek Chauvin) was arrested, charged, convicted, and will possibly face decades in prison for “arresting a person who was on drugs.” What is really disgusting is that a ...

Finding common ground


We’re all bad at something. I struggled with math growing up. Even today, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, heart a flutter, in a fetal position after dreaming that I forgot to study for an algebra test. At least I’m not alone at being bad at something. Politicians offer good ...

We’ve fallen so far


It’s sad to see how far we’ve fallen since the days when honorable politicians came from Centre County. From 1852 to 1899, seven governors claimed our area as home – five served in Pennsylvania and one each in California and Kansas. Compare this with today. The two Congressmen ...

Progress seems painfully fragile, century after Tulsa


Earlier this month, Tulsa, Okla., ended up making national headlines with the announcement that it would soon be the home of the Bob Dylan Center, a museum and research institute dedicated to the legendary singer-songwriter who just turned 80. Tulsa is bound to be in the national spotlight ...