Hughesville celebrates Independent Summer League championship

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HUGHESVILLE — It took quite a long and winding road there and the climax came two months after it was originally scheduled. Still, Hughesville’s baseball players finally created the dog pile they so coveted. This was not the championship Hughesville thought it would be celebrating, but ...

Swank’s work leads to impressive title performance

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HUGHESVILLE — His spring high school season taken away, Devin Swank continued doing what he had done since the 2019 campaign ended. He kept working and preparing. So when Hughesville coach Chris Kish called on Swank to put out a sixth-inning fire against Warrior Run on Saturday, he was ...

NCAA testing guidelines led to MAC decision

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Lycoming College never got to the point of finding how much it would cost to test its fall athletes for COVID-19 for a full season. Doing that much testing was never a reality. Before the Middle Atlantic Conference suspended all sports for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year, officials at ...