It’s time to resume in-person meetings


As COVID-19 restrictions continue easing, we encourage local governments and school boards to resume meeting in person, with their doors open to the public and the media. Many of our local governments, during the pandemic, have relied on telephone and video connections to convene public ...

COVID-19 vaccine mythbusters


The vaccines are here and they are getting our country back to normal. But they only work if you get one. Still, hesitancy persists. The myths abound. Eduction — mythbusters — can answer concerns to better understand the vaccines. Know the facts. The vaccines are safe. Fact: The ...

Chilling and enjoying my time


Movies and TV used to be an escape from the day to day frustrations and problems. Sad to say, that is no longer the case. The same could be said about music. Songs used to express love, hope, and fantasies. Country music was especially good at that. Now, all movies, TV shows and music come ...

There are angels among us; I just met some


The plan was to visit my physician Monday morning about a medical issue I was experiencing two Sundays ago. Why not? My body has been self-recovering from medical bad days for almost 68 years. I went 30 working years without a sick day and have not required a hospital visit in 50 years ...

Doctor Stephanie Daverio


I miss Dr. Daverio’s columns in the weekend paper. I hope she resumes submitting them as they are one of my favorite features. BERNADETTE SUBARTON Williamsport Submitted via Virtual Newsroom



Did you vote yesterday? I did not. First time in a long while that I did not vote. Why? Several reasons. Possibly because of being brainwashed that the last election was a fraud and therefore most or all elections must be fraudulent. Perhaps it is also due to my feeling of disgust ...