With $25 million, ask why


I read the article on the $25 million coming to Williamsport for COVID relief. I also seen where city council members made comments on how they want the money used. One comment came from Liz Miele, council vice president. She wants bike lanes on city streets. I say, why? She needs to read ...

Future history


And so, it turned out that in 100 years in the year 2121 there will still be an America. We survived and America is still the beacon of freedom, science and innovation that was our legacy. How did it happen? Historians would conclude the following: 1) Although slow to embrace the technology, ...

Republicans are against it


In the 1932 film “Horse Feathers,” Groucho Marx sings,“Whatever it is, I’m against it.” Groucho was almost 90 years ahead of his time, as this sums up today’s Republican Party, in my opinion. Accepting solid science, the dire predictions of climate change, and doing something ...

As bear season approaches, think about what hunting means


As the Sun-Gazette reported Tuesday, archery and muzzleloader seasons for bears begin statewide on Oct. 16. General statewide bear season runs from Nov. 20 to Nov. 23. We agree with the International Association for Bear Research and Management that “regulated hunting can be an important ...

Levee problem requires attention of many leaders


Williamsport’s levees are in need of repairs — and we are glad U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, and Lycoming County’s commissioners could join Mayor Derek Slaughter to discuss the necessity of the repairs. The levee system around Williamsport protects about 45% of Lycoming County’s ...

Better oversight of Fed officials clearly needed


Officials with the U.S. Federal Reserve wield an immense amount of influence on our economy. Last year, the Fed took unusual steps to shore up the economy and stabilize financial markets during the pandemic by cutting its short-term benchmark interest rate to zero in March 2020. Since then, it ...