Warm and fuzzy


In response to a recent letter to the editor regarding President Biden’s handling of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Biden said, quote if you invade Ukraine I will start sanctions. Why not months before, when Russian troops were preparing for invasion? I believe President Trump would have put in ...



If HIPAA laws were created to protect patient privacy how does anyone even know abortions are happening? Maybe they should be going after those law breaker doctors nurses and health care workers that are saying these things are being done and breaking the law. FRED ...

Orderly transfer of power


One of the reasons our democracy has endured for over 200 years is that our constitution and traditions provide for on orderly transfer of power. One can observe around the world what happens when this is not in place. It leads to coups and civil wars. In many such countries the purpose of the ...

Driving people away


In the May 7 edition, I read an article titled, “Lycoming County still needs employees.” As someone who grew up in Williamsport, went to Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, and earned almost every academic achievement possible in my program at Penn College, I couldn’t even ...

Dependence on fossil fuels risky


If there is anything the Ukrainian conflict should teach us, it is that it is sheer folly for the world to continue depending on fossil fuels for energy. No less a bastion of conservatism than our military strongly supports getting off fossil fuels. A 2009 report prepared by 12 retired ...