Primary care doctors help with COVID-19

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I have now been a primary care physician (PCP) in Williamsport for more that forty years. During those years, our community has experienced many struggles but, well, nothing like this COVID-19 pandemic. My goals are to understand, recommend and prescribe the best available care for each patient ...

Here come the judges


Regarding the 19 elected U.S. Republican Senators who voted YES for the infrastructure bill. My first question for them; are you up for re-election? What perks did they receive in this bill in a form of amendments for their state? If this is true, is this considered re-election money? A bigger ...

What’s in the bill?


Our local paper reported on the bill Representative Wheeland is sponsoring. In my opinion neither the paper nor Rep. Wheeland were completely forthcoming what is in the bill. It is true that the bill will require showing a valid identification before voting in person or by mail, by making it an ...

Not much trust


I just saw on the news that only 9% of republicans trust the government. I wonder if the 91% that don’t trust the government watch an exorbitant amount of TV compared to the 9% and think superhero movies are real? Could that mistrust just be they have just reached self realization of who and ...

Voter suppression


The Republican-led legislatures in states where they have a majority are leading a campaign to suppress voting. Republican Governors are also leading this effort. Most people think that this suppression is aimed at people of color who tend to vote for Democratic candidates by making mail-in ...