Pinterest nail or fail

The perfect gift for a baby shower

When one of my best friends was having a baby, I wanted to make something special and different to give to her at her shower. I looked up some ideas on Pinterest and found a really cute motorcycle made out of baby supplies. It was perfect. It had a ton of stuff she would actually need for the baby and it also allowed me to put a personal touch on my present.

Making the motorcycle, I started with the wheels. I used diapers layered in a small, round cake pan. I used size 1, but you can use any size. I put them in the pan to make a pinwheel shape. Then I put rubber bands around them while they were still in the pan to keep the diapers in place and wrapped thick decorative ribbon around them to hide the rubber bands. I secured the ribbon with hot glue.

Some people secure the diapers with pins, but if the recipient is going to actually use the diapers, I would advise against putting pin holes in them. Mine stayed together pretty well without any additional help.

Then I took a large burp cloth and folded it about 2 inches wide, length-wise, and threaded it through the middle of both wheels to connect them. I folded a second burp cloth the same way to make the handle bars.

I used two large bibs to make the seat by placing them over the tops of the wheels with the neck openings facing each other in the center.

I threaded the second burp cloth through the center opening of the front wheel to start the handle bars. I put a 12-ounce bottle, wrapped in a burp cloth, on top of the front wheel and brought the handle bar burp cloth up around it. I secured it with the ring from a hanging baby toy, by sliding the ring over the two ends of the burp cloth down to the bottle, letting the toy hang down the front.

I then put little socks over the ends of the handle bars and sat a stuffed toy on top of the motorcycle. I also put a bib on the stuffed toy to make it look like it was wearing a cape.

I put the leftover supplies in a bag as an additional gift.

This turned out so cute, but it was a little fragile so I had to be very careful when transporting it. I sat it on a sturdy piece of cardboard and sat a wrapped box over top of it so my friend could just lift it right off to see her gift.

Mom and dad loved the present so much they said they wanted to put it on display in their son’s room and not take it apart to use the supplies. This was a nail!

There also are other great ideas like this on Pinterest — other versions of baby supply vehicles and diaper cakes.

Stellfox is a former Sun-Gazette editor who loves to try new crafts, recipes and other ideas out on Pinterest. Her column is published on the second Sunday of each month in the Lifestyle section. Share your Pinterest nail or fail with Stellfox, or suggest a pin for her to try, by emailing the Lifestyle Department at and follow her on Pinterest.