Let The Oracular Beard be your guide for your holiday list

It’s time for my annual Christmas list to whomever may be reading. I hope you’re all keeping track, my list isn’t too long this year.

‘To be read’ Pile

So, I’ve finished the first issue of DC’s new 12-part series Doomsday Clock by writer Geoff Johns, penciller Gary Frank, colorist Brad Anderson, and letterer Rob Leigh. While this is getting a lot of heat from Watchmen fans (originally written by Alan Moore with art by Dave Gibbons) because they’re somehow going to dovetail this into regular DC continuity. The first issue is a well-written piece of work by Johns who hinted at these threads he’s tying up from his Rebirth reboot issue two years ago. A direct continuation of Watchmen after jumping ahead a few years, this issue unfortunately has little DC connections, but what we’ve seen from the DC Universe side is … disturbing. Deserves another read or two until the next issue is out.

Netflix and Thrills

New to the Netflix cadre of shows is Marvel’s “The Punisher.” They’ve chosen Jon Bernthal as the titular anti-hero, who was featured prominently in the second season of “Daredevil,” guns a-blazing. I’ve only yet seen the first episode. Good, but takes me a few to warm up to the Netflix Marvel originals.

Also out now on Hulu is “Runaways,” a group of (mostly) superpowered teenagers whose parents are evil. The trailers have been pretty great thus far, but what makes me want to watch the most is that the writer of the original comic was none other than one of my favorites, Brian K. Vaughan (Saga, Y the Last Man.)

You let him out of the house wearing what?

Superhero insignia t-shirts used to be a wardrobe staple. No longer! First up is the Truffle Shuffle Hawaiian shirt. While Sean Astin has gotten considerably more play, what with appearing in Lord of the Rings and now Stranger Things, Chunk from The Goonies stole the show with the Truffle Shuffle and bearing his soul when the Fratelli’s made him spill his guts. This Hawaiian shirt has plenty of the requisite flowers and palm fronds, but if you look closely enough, you can see Chunk hiding out there, too.

Quite randomly, I follow a guy on Twitter called @BatLabels, who doesn’t do much other than post ridiculous still shots and GIFs of labels from the 1966 Batman television show such as Bat-Ray Projector and the sinister-sounding Death Bee Beehive Trip Wire. Anyhow, he’s got a shirt up at Cotton Bureau (cottonbureau.com) that reads Henchman, just like on tv villains.

Capes and Cowls … Old School

Speaking of Batman ’66, I’m kind of hoping for the entire run of the series on DVD. My son and I watched the movie so much last year that both Amazon and Netflix decided to take it off their queue. Being two, we watched it over and over and over again, so I’d like to get some variety with all 120 episodes.

Also on sale this year is a the Shakespeare vinyl bust that sat on Bruce Wayne’s desk in the 1966 television series. In the show, Bruce flipped up the head to open the entrance to the Batcave, but in real life it double as a bank!

One last plea.

Santa (or anybody) if you’re reading this, I didn’t get the Batman Classic Television Series Batcave last year for Christmas. I know the price is high, but it’s down to $200 this season, and I’ve been a pretty good boy this year. Mostly. I swear.

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