Update on Route 414 bridge construction

Construction for the Route 414 bridge, spanning Callahan Run in McHenry Township, is part of the state Department of Transportation’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

Replacement of the bridge will allow PennDOT to remove it from Lycoming County’s structurally deficient bridge list.

Pre-construction activities are taking place and will continue for long-term traffic control during bridge construction.

Motorists will use a single-lane, temporary roadway controlled by temporary traffic signals. Signal operation is expected to begin Thursday.

Signals initially will be placed on flash mode before they are fully activated on Aug. 30.

Signal activation originally was planned for earlier in the month.

In the event of unfavorable weather or unforeseen activities, the schedule may change.

Lane restrictions, rolling roadblocks

on in Muncy Creek Township

Lane restriction and rolling roadblock along Interstate 180 eastbound will be in place on Monday.

Traffic will be reduced to a single lane throughout the day so a contractor can install barrier and place pavement markings to switch traffic from the right side of the highway to the left side.

There also will be several rolling roadblocks starting at the I-180 eastbound on-ramp at Pennsdale and heading east for about a mile.

Work will begin at 7 a.m. and be completed by 4 p.m.

Once the switch is completed, the highway will be opened to two lanes of traffic.

Road work scheduled

Road work is scheduled by the state Department of Transportation in the following counties this week:


• Patching along Route 2061 on Green Valley Road in Penn Township, along Route 2022 on Pleasant valley Road in Hepburn and Gamble townships and along Route 3017 on Fox Hollow Road in Old Lycoming Township.

• Paving along Route 3024 on Jobs Run Road in Anthony Township.

• Inlet repair and ditching along Route 2029 on Northway Road in Loyalsock and Eldred townships.

• Pipe replacement along Route 1004 on Southard Road in Gamble Township, along Route 2022 on Pleasant Valley Road in Hepburn and Gamble townships, along Route 3017 on Fox Hollow Road in Old Lycoming Township and along Route 1004 on Southard Road in Gamble Township.

• Shoulder repairs along Route 15 in Cogan House Township.

• Shoulder cutting along Route 3028 on Railroad Street in Jersey Shore Borough.

• Shoulder backup along Route 1010 on Roaring Branch Road in Jackson Township.

• Bridge deck sealing along Route 2030 on Back Street in Upper Fairfield Township.

• Ditch cleaning along Route 2022 on Pleasant Valley Road in Eldred and Lycoming townships.

• Shoulder work along Route 1006 on Kellyburg Road in Cascade Township.


• Shoulder repairs along Route 6 in Delmar.

• Manual patching along Route 660 in Richmond and Covington townships, along Route 2016 on Arnot Road in Charleston and Bloss townships, along Route 2020 on Mack Road in Covington Township and along Route 3009 on Antrim Road in Duncan Township.

• Bridge deck replacement along Route 1003 on Pickle Hill Road in Richmond Township.

• Installing pipe along Route 1003 on Pickle Hill Road in Richmond Township.

• Base repairs along Route 1010 on Sugar Branch Road in Rutland Township and along Route 1010 on Austinville Road in Sullivan Township.

• Mill and fill with patching along Route 1030 on Mann Hill Road in Tioga Township.

• Belt loading along Route 2005 on North and South Main streets in Richmond Township and along Route 2014 on Morris Run Road in Hamilton Township.

• Repairing slide along Route 3001 on Elk Run Road in Gaines Township.

• Shoulder backup along Route 3007 on Stony Fork Road in Delmar Township.

•Ditching along Route 4001 on Potter Brook Road in Westfield Township.


• Bridge rehab along Route 4019 on Iron Mine Road in Columbia Township.

• Bank restoration and flood repairs along Route 1055 on Battle Creek Road in Rome Township.

• Shoulder work along Route 14 in Canton Township.

• Mowing along various routes in the Milan area.

• Pipe flushing along Route 1049 on Leraysville Road in Windham Township and along Route 1042 on Captain Moore Road in Windham Township.

• Flood recovery along Route 1040 on Cadis Road in Warren Township.

• Ditch cleaning along Route 4009 on Codding Road in Smithfield and Burlington townships.

• Back sweeping seal coat along various routes in the Towanda and Wyalusing areas.

• Shoulder cutting along Route 14 in Canton and Troy townships, along Route 3016 on Lower Mountain Road in Canton Township and along Route 3036 on Beaverdale Road in Troy Township.

• Patching along Route 187 in Wilmot Township.

• Repairing shoulder washouts along Route 2010 on Wyalusing New Albany Road in Terry Township.


• Widening along Route 154 in Fox Township.

• Bridge replacement along Route 4008 in Elkland Township.

• Mowing countywide.


• Under drain along Route 4004 in Upper Augusta Township.

• Bridge replacement along Route 4002 in Riverside Borough.

• Pipe replacement along Route 147 in Jackson Township.

• Sign repair along Route 2020 in Ralpho Township.

• Small paint marking along Route 147 in West Chillisquaque Township.

• Shoulder stabilization along Route 8002 in Turbot township, along Route 1007 on Susquehanna Trail in Delaware Township and along Route8003 in West Chillisquaque Township.

• Pipe replacement along Route 2026 in Mt. Carmel Township.

• Rock Lining along Route 1012 on Comley Road and Route 44 in Lewis Township.


• U-drain installation along Route 2009 on Park Road in Union.

• Pipe replacement along Route 1001 on Spurch Run Road in Buffalo and along Route 3009 on Church Road in West Buffalo.

• Base repairs along Route 45 in Mifflinburg.

• Patching along Route 2004 on Maple Street in Mifflinburg.