Judges grant divorces in Lycoming County

Judges in Lycoming County recently granted the following divorces:

• Lori Scampone and Camden Scampone

• Mary-Louise Paucke Lovell and Duane M. Lovell

• Elizabeth M. Barowy and Joshua A. Barowy

• Ellen Clem and Brett Clem

• Michael David Engle and Laura Ann Engle

• Michael D. DeSeau and Shawnna M. DeSeau

• Troy Octavius Stafford and Kimberly Jean Stafford

• Stephanie Reed and Shawn Reed

• Christopher L. Potter Sr. and Deborah S. Potter

• Jennifer Solomon and Bryant Solomon

• Jackolyn S. Sanner and Jeffrey L. Sanner

• Karen M. Lamper and Wade D. Lamper

• Randi Leigh Way and Trenton Roberto Way

• William Camp Jr. and Danielle Camp

• Diane Thrash and Bradley J. Thrash