Lock Haven Council will vote on sidewalk cafe rules

LOCK HAVEN — Sidewalk cafes may spring up here this year.

City Council reviewed the draft of an ordinance regulating them Monday evening and expects to vote on the ordinance soon.

The proposal would allow sidewalk cafes in the Central Business District and other public places as designated by council. They will be run by a restaurant and will have to close when the restaurant does and be cleaned up within an hour of closing. Trash must be picked up daily.

A license for a cafe with 10 or fewer seats will cost $150, and one for a cafe with more than 10 seats will cost $200. The annual renewal fee is $90.

No fixed walls are allowed around cafes, but temporary barriers such as cordons are allowed, as long as they are lower than 3 feet in height. Canopies and awnings are permitted.

Music is allowed but only as long as it does not become a nuisance to neighbors.

The dinnerware, glassware and serving containers must be break-resistant.

There must be 4 feet of clear walk space between the cafe and the curb, and 6 feet of unobstructed space between the cafe and any tree, bus shelter or other obstacle.

All cafes must be removed from Nov. 15 to April 1.

The city’s solicitor and insurance company have reviewed the draft ordinance, City Manager Richard W. Marcinkevage said, and it should come before council for a vote soon.