Black Friday means deals for shoppers

KATELYN HIBBARD/Sun-Gazette A TJ Maxx employee talks jewelry and sales with a customer during Black Friday.

Barbara Aucker, of Mount Pleasant Mills, left Toys R Us with a whole load of packages Friday morning.

“We got really good deals,” she said as she stood with her husband, Corey, preparing to empty her shopping cart outside the store.

Aucker was among the countless hordes of people who could be seen in and around the Lycoming Mall on Black Friday to do Christmas and holiday shopping.

Vehicle traffic was heavy around the mall into late morning, although plenty of parking spots were available, mostly in the areas farthest from the stores.

A long line of people waited outside Friendly’s restaurant to take a break from shopping and enjoy an early lunch.

Windows of shops were plastered with signs announcing special sales, and many of the businesses had no problems attracting shoppers.

Aucker said she was out by 7 a.m. Friday, but she also shopped Thanksgiving Day to pick up some gifts.

She still isn’t finished with her shopping, however.

“We will have to order a few things,” she said.

Heather Gordner, of Bloomsburg, was another shopper who was out both Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

“Mostly for clothing,” she said outside the Bon-Ton store. She said Black Friday has been her Christmas shopping day the last couple of years.

Inside the Bon-Ton, shoppers seemed to over run the store, crowding aisles and rushing about with packages in hands.

For some smaller stores in the mall, the activity was closer to normal.

Joel Blachek, an employee of Vitamin World, said it seemed to him that only the big anchor stores were seeing a lot real business.

“It will be interesting to see if the stores hit their goals,” he said.

Vitamin World opened at 5 a.m. Friday like many of the other stores at the mall.

Moe Khetani, manager of Go! Games & Toys, said business was doing “all right” Friday, but “just not up to the company’s mark.”

“A lot of people are shopping online,” he said.

A number of people coming into his store were looking for particular games and toys, he noted.

Chestine Fulton, of Williamsport, doesn’t usually shop on Black Friday, but she ventured out with her family this year.

When asked what particular items she wanted to buy, she said, “All sorts of stuff, mostly for my grandkids.”

She was having no luck finding a hoverboard.

“My grandson wants it,” she said.