Expansion planned for city’s Wegmans

Wegmans supermarket in Williamsport is getting a new look with a renovation and expansion project that will mean better overall customer service.

Store manager Jared Fedor is calling the work, which will be ongoing most of this year, “a total store remodel.”

“It’s something we think our customers will really appreciate,” he said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

The project marks the most significant alterations to the store since it opened 21 years ago, noted Fedor. Among the major changes will be a larger cafe section.

“In the cafe, it’s pretty tight. It’s difficult for people to get through with shopping carts,” he said.

The outdoor seating area also is undergoing modifications. The seating will be closed in and expanded to accommodate up to 200 people.

Fedor said bus traffic brings in plenty of customers almost on a daily basis.

“We are very limited as to where customers can sit,” he said. “It’s long overdue.”

The grocery section will have wider aisles and the dairy department is being expanded.

“Our bulk food area will be redone,” he said.

The sub shop, as well as the floral and catering departments, are being relocated.

Expansion also will take place in the frozen foods department to offer more products to customers.

“That will be done in phases in order to stay open,” he said.

Meanwhile, the beer and wine selections will be expanded.

Fedor noted the needs of customers have simply outgrown the store.

“We are expanding in order to keep up with that,” he said.

The expansion and renovation project is expected to be completed by the end of November.

Fedor declined to reveal project costs.