Williamsport Mayor seeks $1M in deal for pump stations

Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said this week he wants to negotiate a deal to sell the city pump stations for $1 million to the Williamsport Municipal Water and Sanitary Authority.

Campana said the money would be turned over to the general fund to allay any burden on taxpayers in the upcoming proposed budget.

The authority and the city are arranging a meeting to for a negotiation, he said.

The city receives $80,000 a year to maintain the nine pump stations that are part of the flood control system.

“We have not had an inflationary adjustment in over 15 years,” Campana said.

The pump houses require upgrades, estimated at $5 million over the next five years, he said.

The city stormwater management system transfer is in the hands of the authority, he said.

“It is under review,” according to Joseph Orso, authority solicitor.

The authority’s next regularly scheduled meeting is at noon Oct. 24.