Mall caught up in sheriff’s sale over unpaid water, sewer bills

The Lycoming Mall is in hot water over unpaid water and sewer bills.

The Lycoming County Water and Sewer Authority took out a sheriff’s sale against Lycoming Mall Realty Holding LLC, owned by Kohan Retail Investment Group since April 2016, as advertised in Friday’s Sun-Gazette.

“It’s our normal course of action for delinquent customers,” said Christine Weigle, the authority’s executive director. “It’s not something that we like to do. We are working with the mall right now to get their payments back in order but, for the time being, we have chosen not to stop the proceedings of the sheriff’s sale because we have not received payment.”

Leadership for the mall contacted the authority by Friday afternoon, Weigle said, adding the sheriff’s sale ad “definitely caught a lot of attention.”

“They’re well aware of their need to make a payment,” she said. “They did contact us and we’re expecting a payment on Monday.”

“Check’s in the mail, they should have it there Monday morning,” confirmed Michael Kohan, principal of the investment group.

The authority can stop the sale at anytime, right up until the day of the sale, Weigle added. But the sale will remain in process until the authority receives payment, she said.

“Although it sounds harsh, we do have a vested interest in that particular property and we need to collect the money owed to our system on behalf of the rest of our customers,” she said.

In terms of future bill payment, Kohan said:

“Everything’s going to be on time, they won’t have any issues.”

Weigle could not disclose how much is owed because individual stores pay some bills while the mall’s ownership pays others. Those bills under the individual store owners are up to date, Weigle said.

“We’re talking about the mall property under the mall’s responsibility,” which is intertwined with the other stores, she said.

“It’s been going on for a while,” she added.

The mall closed for a day last August when the electricity was abruptly shut off — Kohan said the power loss was due to technical problems at the time, however PPL Electric did not disclose a reason.